Marketers are discovering Pinterest’s potential to capture customer attention and increase audience engagement. Check out these tips to effectively create Pinterest content that will resonate with your audience base.

The growing popularity of “visual first” social media channels has greatly improved access to image and video content online. Businesses of all sizes are now finding it easier to show off their content in visually creative ways.

Many brands look to Facebook or Instagram to post visual content. However, Pinterest has quietly become an essential channel for many brands. Since the platform’s beginning, marketers have been finding ways to leverage Pinterest’s unique characteristics to expand their own social footprint.

If Pinterest isn’t part of your digital strategy, you may be missing out on ways to grow your customer base. Check out these practical tips on how you can create Pinterest content that has better results for your business.

Create a Narrative With the Visuals You Pin

5 Practical Tips to Create Business-Friendly Pinterest Content — Create a Narrative

Image via Svetlana Timonina.

Create a compelling narrative about your brand using carefully chosen visuals for your pins. Select visuals for your Pinterest board that builds a story or follows a similar visual theme. Connecting your product or services with a situation will go a long way in leaving a memorable imprint on your audience.

Try using visuals in your pins that add a personal feel to your content. Or, consider visuals that subtly show how customers will benefit from what you have to offer. Visual narratives that illustrate how your products or services connect to your community can include boards that feature:

  • Physical or online industry events
  • Corporate social responsibility activities
  • Community profiles and spotlights
  • Industry and company history
  • Milestones and celebrations

Use the Pinterest Analytics Tool

5 Practical Tips to Create Business-Friendly Pinterest Content — Use the Pinterest Analytics Tool

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Make sure you’re always thinking about tracking and conversion on owned and paid content. Like many of the other social channels, Pinterest has a native analytics tool called Pinterest Analytics to help businesses better understand their audiences and content performance.

Pinterest Analytics is free to anyone with a business account and offers all sorts of useful data points to help improve your pin content. It allows you to learn about the people who engage with your business and what they’re into. Pinterest Analytics tells you what website traffic came from what Pinterest content. It also offers metrics on impressions, clicks, and saves for your content. These metrics will help refine your strategy and show what works and what does not.

Check out this handy guide from Pinterest that goes over the details of the native analytics tool. This guide breaks down what’s included and how these metrics are calculated.

Apply for Pinterest Shopping Ads

5 Practical Tips to Create Business-Friendly Pinterest Content — Apply for Pinterest Shopping Ads

Image via chainarong06.

Pinterest recently announced the expansion of Shopping Ads by making it available to more businesses via an application. This announcement came on the heels of a study Pinterest commissioned which found that 90% of weekly users find purchases through the platform. Also, 70% say Pinterest content helps them find new products.

Shopping Ads are a great tool for businesses on Pinterest. They do all the heavy lifting for advertisers by creating promoted pins from your existing Pinterest feed. Shopping Ads pull visual content from your Pinterest product feed, and integrates it into attractive ad formats.

A good tip for businesses using Shopping Ads is to blend lifestyle imagery and product imagery. This will help users visualize how your products can fit into their lives. Think of your Pinterest boards and content as a place to mimic an in-store or website shopping experience. Using a mix of product angles, lifestyle shots, user generated content, video, stylized text, and more helps make for higher quality shopping ads in your feed content.

Use Videos in Your Pinterest Content

5 Practical Tips to Create Business-Friendly Pinterest Content — Use Video

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Another way to make your brand more compelling is to offer video content. Instead of creating text-heavy content describing your offering, consider using a brief how-to or demo video on a Pinterest board. Align the look and feel of the video to related content already published to your Pinterest board.

Promoted videos allow brands to share their video with people who are looking for related content. Several global brands were invited to participate in the initial launch of Promoted Videos and gave stellar reviews. Here are examples of how brands are using promoted videos:

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