Visualizing an idea has never been easier than with Shutterstock collections. They allow you to explore the massive Shutterstock library and hang onto images you might want to download later.

All you need is a Shutterstock login and you’re ready to browse and build a collections. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Search for images: Enter the search term(s) that describe(s) the image or concept you’re looking for.
  2. Add an image to collections: Click  located at the bottom left of the image (from the search results page or the detail page).
  3. Choose “new collections” from the drop-down menu (or choose an existing one)
  4. Name your collections: Enter a name that describes the images you’re saving.
  5. Continue searching for more images and add them to the collections you’ve created.

It’s that simple! And to really enhance your collections, here are a few extra tips:

  • Focus on a theme or topic – sidetracking is great, just add those images to separate collections!
  • Expand your search terms as you browse, utilizing keywords and similar images listed on the detail pages of images you find.
  • Be picky about which images you add — make sure they properly illustrate your topic.
  • Share your collections: you can click “send” at the top of the collections to email it to yourself or a friend, or by clicking “share” and typing in another Shutterstock user’s name. You can also email yourself your collections link and share it publicly via Facebook or Twitter.
  • If you are using Shutterstock for iPad, you can also share your collections via Email, Facebook or Twitter by clicking the “connect” button on the top right of an image detail page or from your collections landing page.

Have fun exploring and, if you have any questions about collections, or anything else on Shutterstock, feel free to reach out to And, if you’d like to share collections that you’re particularly proud of, tweet it to @Shutterstock and we might just share it with the community!