When scheduling your social media content calendar, filling the gaps and finding new content can take a lot of time. Improve your social media workflow and fill your schedule with quality content with these free tools.

No matter what you sell, or who you sell it to, social media is integral to your marketing strategy. It eliminates the traditional barriers of outbound marketing and helps you communicate directly with your customers. But industry standards are high, and consumers expect quality content every day, multiple times a day. You might feel pressured to constantly create visually engaging content in order to keep up. If you do not have the workforce to commit more than six to eleven hours a week, you’re in danger of posting low-quality content that might undermine your social media strategy and negatively impact how users see your brand.

In order to keep up, you need to learn how to draw on a variety of resources to fill your social media content schedule. Take a look at some of these essential resources and helpful tools to improve your workflow and save time on your social media efforts so that you can meet user demands.

Your Original Content

Creating your own social media content is the ideal option. This method will take some time to produce but will give you more control over the messaging and branding. Balance seasonal or timely content with evergreen content, which will stay relevant and shareable all year round.

Company Blog

Social Media Content Planning – How to Find Content — Company Blog
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A company blog is a great way to create and publish original content. Even small businesses can benefit from a blog. It will not only improve your users’ experience on your website, but also generate more traffic through organic SEO results. Blog posts are a great source of content with proven engagement on social media.

Custom Designed Social Posts

Social Media Content Planning – How to Find Content — Custom Designed Social Posts
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Not a designer? You don’t need a design background or expensive software to get a super sleek and modern look for your social posts. Many online and free design tools are available to help you create your social posts.

Social Media Content Planning – How to Find Content — Shutterstock Editor
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Try Shutterstock Editor, which comes with ready-made templates, sized to the exact dimensions of all social channels, so you can create designs on the fly (maybe even within 5 minutes). One of the most helpful features is that you can easily resize any graphic with a click of a button, a feature that’s not standard on other online tools. For example, you can resize an Instagram square post to a vertical Facebook Story post with a click of a button. Then, add text, shapes, filters, and other elements to complete the design.

Custom Video Content

Turns out you also don’t need to be a professional video editor to make engaging video content for social media. To create videos on the fly, Moovly is a great tool to use. With it you can create shareable explainer videos. There are a popular video type on Facebook that features bold captions. The best part? It offers customizable video templates. Edit directly in your desktop browser with a simple drag and drop interface. You can try Moovly free for 30 days.

RSS Feeds

Contrary to popular belief, RSS feeds aren’t dead! They can be an incredibly helpful tool when used correctly. Finding quality articles to share that are relevant to your industry and your audience is hard, especially when there is new content published every day. RSS feeds can help you stay up to date on industry breaking news. That’s important because you want to let your customers know that you’re in the loop and that you can provide them valuable information, hopefully becoming their one-stop-shop for what they need to know about the industry.

The first step to finding relevant articles is to identify which blogs you want to keep track of. Not sure where to start? Here’s a list of popular RSS feeds that you might want to follow. To aggregate all of your RSS feeds, you can use these two free tools.


Social Media Content Planning – How to Find Content — Feedly
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Feedly is an aggregator and dashboard of blogs you keep up with. It gives you suggestions on popular blogs and articles in your industry, and even lets you know what content is trending. You can then bookmark the article on your dashboard to read it for later, or save it to a board for easy reference. The full tutorial will teach you everything you need to know and offers helpful tips to speed up your process.


Social Media Content Planning – How to Find Content — Feeder
Image by Feeder.

Another available tool is Feeder. It’s an alert system that helps you keep up-to-date with new articles from your favorite blogs. While Feedly aggregates content in one place, Feeder lets you know (almost instantaneously) when an article is published. This alert system is helpful, especially when you’re trying to find content to share daily or breaking news to update your customers as soon as possible. Feeder offers a Google extension, and their app is incredibly useful and a time-saver. You can share blogs or check on new content on both your desktop and mobile. Getting started with Feeder is easy and it’s worth checking out.

Read-It-Later Services

Social Media Content Planning – How to Find Content — Read-It-Later Services
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What if you are on your phone and found quality social media content to post in the future? Sure, you can email yourself the article, where it will get buried in your inbox. Or, you can use these read-it-later services let you refer to it when you’re ready to schedule your social media calendar. Some of these tools are available in both mobile apps and web so that you can refer back to it whenever it’s convenient for you.

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