How well do you remember the ‘90s? It was a decade of reinvention, as music, cartoons, fashion, and the Internet broke new barriers in culture. This year, Pixels of Fury celebrated this defining decade by challenging six designers to create a sneaker design inspired by the nineties.

At this year’s Pixels of Fury in New York City, six designers from R/GA, Mashable, Johnson & Johnson, 360i, TV Land, and Situation Interactive went head-to-head in a furious competition to design sneakers and their shoeboxes inspired by the ‘90s. With just 20 minutes to dream up and execute a unique sneaker design, the designers had to take a trip back in time for inspiration, drawing on the zany styles and colorful design elements of everything from early morning cartoons to junk food to the early internet. They designed right in front of a packed audience at Irving Plaza, each trying to win over the crowd with that sweet feeling of nostalgia.

Check out the video recap below, then scroll through to see all the designs from the competition.

Round 1

Nancy Nystrom’s Y2K-inspired sneakers
Cory Galster's '90s pattern-inspired sneaker
Cory Galster’s ’90s pattern-inspired sneakers
David Reyes' Jurassic Park-inspired sneaker
David Reyes’ Jurassic Park-inspired sneaker

Round 2

Alex Wiehl’s Chuckie Finster-inspired sneakers
Dennie Bright's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-inspired sneaker
Dennie Bright’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-inspired sneaker
Cryssy Cheung’s early-Internet-inspired sneakers

Final Round

The crowd voted two designers — Cryssy from TV Land and David from Johnson & Johnson — into the final round, where they had to create a subway ad (Happy Birthday, MTA!) to accompany their Round 1 sneaker design. Both designs drew on nostalgia from the nineties – Cryssy recreated the yellow running man that used to get us on the internet, while David used an escaped T-Rex as his main source of inspiration (Jurassic Park, anyone?). The crowd went wild as voting proceeded in a dead heat and, by a hard-fought one-percent margin, Cryssy and her running man logo (bottom) ran away with the Pixel of Fury trophy.

David Reyes’ final design
Cryssy Cheung’s winning final design

The Pixel of Fury wasn’t the only prize we handed out in New York City — we also gave away a GoPro to the best ‘90s-inspired napkin sketch of the night, which went to @annacallaway2060 for her zig azig ah Spice Girls illustration. See her design below, plus more pictures from the event!