In this series, 10 Offset artists answer 10 questions about their approaches to visual storytelling. Each artist has a different style and subject matter, ranging from lively portraiture to stark architectural photography. Discover how their inspiration, techniques, and stories unfold.

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Question 2: What are the trends in photography that you’re seeing today?

1. Devon Hall: I think the influx of lifestyle art seems to be a very huge trend right now. Also, if I were to date back to when I was getting my portrait taken years and years ago, I would say unique styles of post-processing always have a way of changing in photography. 

Image by Devon Hall

2. Ester Keate: Minimalist, flash on camera, natural light, analogue aesthetic.

ballerina looking out a window
Image by Ester Keate

3. Jen Huang: A movement towards shooting more film. 

Image by Jen Huang

4. Jennifer Bogle: I’m definitely seeing more messy lifestyle and documentary work find its way into my social media feeds. I think there’s something timeless about a clean, simple frame, but I love seeing photographers find moments in the midst of chaotic scenes. There’s an art to using light and composition to direct a viewer through a chaotic frame to focus on the moment that captured the photographer’s attention in the first place. 

Image by Jennifer Bogle

5. Kyle La Mere: The past few years we saw the rise of social media photography. The trend of personal consumer branding and product promotion took over. I think that editorial and portrait photographers we’re left a bit in the dust. Now, I feel like that trend is getting a little tiresome and people are searching for real, honest work with a strong message and thus we’re seeing a return to real photography stories that really matter. 

Image by Kyle La Mere

6. Lisa Tichané: I sincerely have no idea! I try to not worry too much about trends, it’s hard to stay true to who you really are if you are trying to be trendy. 

Image by Lisa Tichane

7. Matt Armendariz: Social media has fully cemented the overhead, top-down angle, and my clients are not shy to use it, either. Years ago I had to beg just to be able to shoot an overhead on a commercial assignment! 

Image by Matt Armendariz

8. William & Susan Brinson: An uncoiffed image, a raw experience. 

Image by William and Susan Brinson

9. Shana Novak: I can speak for still life – uncommon colors and strong shadows are all the rage. 

Image by Shana Novak

10. Benoit Florençon: It seems that photography is influenced by the Instagram look: symmetry, cityscapes from high vantage points, gritty film look thanks to VSCO presets. 

Image by Benoit Florencon

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