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14 Pro Tips on Photographing Spring Images at Home

14 Pro Tips on Photographing Spring Images at Home

We asked twelve photographers from all over the world to tell us how they create real, authentic pictures in springtime.

In 1947, 1960, and 2005, Gallup conducted three separate ​polls​, each asking respondents about their favorite time of year. All three times the public said spring was their favorite season. A 2014 poll from ​Rasmussen Reports​revealed that seven out of ten American adults feel their moods and spirits lift when spring arrives. Whether it’s down to vitamin D in sunlight or the mood-elevating effects​ of flowers, the message is clear — spring photography is the best.

For lifestyle photographers, this time of year also presents the opportunity to capture priceless moments — whether they’re outside in nature or indoors with sun streaming through the curtains. Capturing spring can happen from the comfort of your home, or on an afternoon walk with your dog.

Below, twelve amazing photographers share their best tips, photoshoot ideas, and a few of the stories behind their photos and how you can capture spring images at home.

Tip #1: Document your life at home.

14 Pro Tips on Photographing Spring Images at Home — Document Life at Home
Create inspiring photos from home. Image by ​Ann Gaysorn.

The best place to start creating natural and relatable lifestyle photos is close to home. “My inspiration is my son, and creating new ideas with him is my secret for great photos,” Bangkok-based photographer ​Ann Gaysorn​ tells us. “He is my first and only child. He also happens to be disabled and has been from birth.’

“I take pictures of him every day, and I’ve done this since he was born. I’ve used whatever I could afford at the time, even if that was a cheap compact camera. My portfolio is part of my inheritance for him. I might not be around forever, but he will always have these photos we created together.”

Do the same with your family and focus on those candid, in-between moments that make up your day. The pictures you create could end up traveling far beyond your traditional family photo album.

Tip #2: Include the whole family.

14 Pro Tips on Photographing Spring Images at Home — Capture Natural Interactions
Capture parents playing with their children for a more natural vibe. Image by ​Natalia Lebedinskaia​. Gear: Canon 5D Mark III camera, Sigma Art 50mm lens. Settings: Exposure 1/200 sec; f2; ISO 400.

Website​ | ​Instagram​

Bringing in parents and other family members can help create a natural vibe on set, especially if you’re working with children. “I try to make everyone feel comfortable during my photo shoots,” Russian-based family photographer ​Natalia Lebedinskaia​ says. “When I work with kids, I often bring the parents in and ask them to hug or tickle their children. I also tell them not to look at the camera, but at each other.’

“Throughout a shoot, I can often be found telling funny stories or reciting nursery rhymes. To be honest, when I shoot I don’t think about the technical side of photography anymore, or about photography at all, but about people.’

“I made this photo while working with a beautiful family with two children while they were preparing cookies. In this frame, the dad was joking around by smearing flour on his daughter’s nose. It is one of my favorite shots.”

If you’re at home with your family, try photographing images of them having fun doing activities around the house such as gardening, crafting, and baking.

Tip #3: Capture images on your daily walk.

14 Pro Tips on Photographing Spring Images at Home — Plan the Event Not the Reaction
Let your model’s natural reaction tell the story. Image by ​Ann Gaysorn​. Gear: Nikon D5600 camera, Nikon AF-S 50 mm. F 1.8 G lens. Settings: Exposure 1/200 sec; f2.2.


“Although we do plan our ideas for new photo shoots, I never tell my models what to do or feel,” Gaysorn​ adds. “I never count down from three and ask them to smile for the camera. If I want pictures of my son smiling, we plan an activity that makes him happy.’

“In the case of the photo above, I planned an adventure through a park near our house. It was a clear, sunny afternoon, and the only thing I told him was that we were going to meet someone at our final destination. As we made our way through the park, he kept guessing and asking questions, until we finally met up with a friend. It was a great moment, and that’s when I pressed the shutter.”

If you’re taking a short walk, consider bringing your camera around to capture small moments. Whether it’s a passing cherry blossom tree or your family having fun, you never know when the moment for inspiration might strike.

Tip #4: Develop your ideas.

14 Pro Tips on Photographing Spring Images at Home — Develop Your Ideas
Have an idea of the shot you’d like to capture before you start shooting. Image by ​

The more you flesh out your ideas, the better your chances of success. ​“​We always have ideas and concepts in our head before shooting them,” the team behind the Thai-based photography group ​​ explain.

“Costumes and props are so important because they’ll make your pictures feel alive and unique. In general, you’ll want all these pieces to come together to tell a story, so everything has to match your concept.”

If you’re photographing spring at home, conceptualize what kind of images you’re trying to create. Move flowers around, re-arrange bookshelves, anything you can do to make the location look and feel right.

Tip #5: Tell your story using clothing.

14 Pro Tips on Photographing Spring Images at Home — Inspire a Larger Concept
Choose the appropriate wardrobe and props for your location. Image by ​​. Gear: ​FUJI XT3​ camera, ​35mm F1.4​ lens. Settings: Exposure ​1/5000​ sec; f5.1; ISO ​160.​


Details like wardrobe and props can help you get your theme across in your images.

“In this particular shot, we also chose an appropriate outfit to go with the setting. We wanted the model to have a youthful, Generation Z-inspired vibe with a hipster-style wardrobe. We wanted every detail to come together to tell a story, including the rainbow socks to represent the LGBTQ+ community.”

When photographing spring at home, use clothing to help you tell the story. Florals for spring are still revolutionary (wink).

14 Pro Tips on Photographing Spring Images at Home — Tell a Story with Wardrobe
When choosing your color palette, reflect the mood of the season you’re shooting. Image by ​Mentatdgt​.

Website​ | ​Instagram​ | ​Facebook​

When selecting your wardrobe, keep the seasonal theme in the back of your mind.

“Match the clothing to the season,” Singapore-based photographer DGT Portraits, a.k.a. ​Mentatdgt​, suggests. “Springtime would be a good time to bust out pastels, and also bolder colors and floral prints. Carefully curated clothing can suggest the mood of the season.”

Tip #6: Use spring colors in your images.

14 Pro Tips on Photographing Spring Images at Home — Use Spring Colors
Highlight the natural elements of the season you are capturing. Image by ​Javi_indy​.

“When it comes to spring photos, the key is to respect the ‘language’ of the season,” Spain-based photographer Javier Sánchez, a.k.a. ​Javi_indy​, tells us. “Color is fundamental and has to stand out. No one thinks of anything related to spring without flowers, light, and color, so highlighting these aspects will make the photos stand out. Spring might be the best time to sell the kind of vibrant lifestyle photographs I take.”

For more spring color ideas, check out this article.

Tip #7: Keep it natural.

Photographing Spring at Home - Keep it Natural
Whenever possible, utilize your natural surroundings. Image by ​Beatriz Vera​.

Website​ | ​Instagram​

“Springtime is an amazing and colorful time of year, so I try to use my natural surroundings to make my photos ‘pop,’” Spain-based photographer ​Beatriz Vera​ says. “Less is always more. Choose two colors and then let your creativity flow.’

“I like to explore complementary color schemes. You might be surprised at how well these simple pairs work together to create a powerful image.’

“Sometimes a simple idea — like a simple color scene, using complementary hues like red and green — will give you a powerful, candid moment. You don’t need to apply any unnatural color filters to your lifestyle photos, either. These springtime hues work well on their own.”

If you have a garden feature or colourful wall in your home, consider what color of props and wardrobe you can use to make that image stand out.

Tip #8: Find the sunlight.

14 Pro Tips on Photographing Spring Images at Home — Find the Sunlight
Take advantage of sunlight and natural moments whenever possible. Image by Ella K. Sverdlov.

Website​ | ​Instagram​

“I rarely direct people I shoot, but if I see a spot with outstanding light — a ray of sunshine, for example — I may try to gently and subtly move the scene towards that light,” photographer Ella K. ​Sverdlov​ ​says.

“I also want to add that the biggest misconception about photography is about shooting in direct light. People always fear it may ‘burn’ the frame. I find professional shooting in direct light to be one of the biggest challenges, but that’s where all the drama lies. My most important tip for aspiring photographers is to not be afraid of direct light. Experiment. Work with it. This is where the real fun begins!”

Get to know your own home, find out where the best light hits at the best time of day. Then, get shooting! For more tips on capturing sun flares, check out this article.

Tip #9: Spark joy in your images.

14 Pro Tips on Photographing Spring Images at Home — Channeling Positive Energy
Capturing the charm, beauty, and natural energy of a child only brings positivity to the world. Image by ​Denis Kuvaev.

Almost all of the photographers we interviewed here remind us of one thing: To get pictures that convey joy and spark emotion, you have to find a subject that makes you genuinely happy. Spring is all about renewal, so use the brightness of the season to convey a positive message.

“I have five children who are my main models, and the smallest of them is Maria,” the artist Denis Kuvaev​ tells us. “She has Down Syndrome, and due to the photographs we’ve made together, she’s become a recognizable model in the world of disability and Down Syndrome.’

“But, this isn’t because of me or my skills so much as it is due to the extraordinary joy and special charm that she gives my photographs. Anytime I see that she’s in a good mood, I know that we will get good photos. Therefore, for me, the most important thing is to capture her amazing positive energy. The world needs more positivity than ever, these days. We should embrace that, especially this time of year.”

Check out this article for some tips and suggestions on creating images that accurately represent disabilities.

Tip #10: Avoid posing.

14 Pro Tips on Photographing Spring Images at Home — Avoid Posing
Give the people you photograph the opportunity to express themselves. Image by ​Pond’s Saksit​. Gear: ​Nikon D800​ camera, ​Sigma Art 50mm​ lens. Settings: Exposure 1/1600​ sec; f1.4; ISO ​100​.


“One important thing that I never do is show someone a reference of what I want them to do and say, ‘Do this,’” Thailand-based photographer ​Pond’s Saksit​ tells us. “More often than not, that approach will not result in a real moment. Instead, I tell them that we aren’t working together but having fun.’

“In this shoot, for example, I went in with a ‘play first, work later’ approach. I just let these kids have fun and kept shooting the whole way through.”

“Of course, photos where the models are posing can still be beautiful, but if you want to get that genuine smile and have that happiness reach their eyes, you have to put the feeling first and then worry about the photos.”

If you’re photographing your own kids at home, let them do their own thing and capture the moments as they are happening. Chances are, you’ll find an authentic and organic moment that you wouldn’t be able to capture if you tried to pose them.

Tip #11 Incorporate florals (because it’s spring).

14 Pro Tips on Photographing Spring Images at Home — Capture the Beauty of a Season
Capture the beauty of a season, as well as your subject’s reactions to it. Image by ​Denis Kuvaev​. Gear: Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera, Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM lens. Settings: Exposure 1/1250 sec; f4; ISO 1000.

Instagram​ | ​Facebook​

Cherry blossoms, daffodils, and magnolias are all signs of the season, so use them in your photos whenever you can. Here’s another article on taking photos with fresh flowers.

“Everyone, including my daughter Maria, was filled with joy when they saw the flowering trees, with their fragrant scent and the occasional showers of petals every time there was a light breeze. Luckily, we managed to take some pictures, but the weather deteriorated quickly. As it started to rain and hail, we barely managed to escape. But, those few shots were worth it because they captured something special.” says Kuavaev

If you have florals in your back yard, consider using them as a backdrop. If there’s a beautiful tree outside your window, incorporate it into your frame. Or if all else fails, make some paper flowers at home. Not only can these make fun backdrops, but also is a great activity to keep the kids busy at home in the spring.

Tip #12: Add a touch of green.

14 Pro Tips on Photographing Spring Images at Home — Add a Touch of Green
A lush, vibrant green adds life to any image. Image by ​Mentatdgt.

You don’t necessarily need flowering plants to tap into that spring atmosphere. All you need is a touch of the natural world.

“I always try to include lush and verdant greenery in my spring photos,” ​Mentatdgt​ tells us. “The first days of spring bring a very special and vibrant shade of green to all the plants as they emerge from the winter. Planning to shoot during this short, two to three-day period is a good idea for season-appropriate images.” Find that perfect plant in your home to incorporate in your images.

Tip #13: Keep the camera out.

14 Pro Tips on Photographing Spring Images at Home — Keep the Camera Out
Allowing for a fun, carefree environment can often produce beautifully unplanned shots. Image by MNStudio.

“I like to create a fun environment during my photo sessions, and I always make time for jokes, laughter, and conversation,” ​Sánchez​ says.​ “Enjoy yourself, have fun, and always have the camera ready to shoot at any moment.”

Even if you’re breaking for lunch or packing up for the day, keep your camera out of that bag. The most natural, carefree moments often happen between planned shots, when everyone can relax and forget about the camera. And if you’re at home with your family, don’t put the camera in storage. Think of the moments you can capture and keep the camera out to stay inspired.

Tip #14: Tell a unique story.

14 Pro Tips on Photographing Spring Images at Home — Tell a Unique Story
Creative expression should stray from the restraint of conventional poses. Image by ​AS photo studio​.


“Every shoot offers the opportunity to tell a unique story,” the photographer behind ​AS photo studio​ in Ukraine tells us. “I recommend forgetting about conventional poses and avoid repeating the same photos over and over again.’

“I believe that every setting or background can work, if who you’re photographing feels comfortable. In order to make springtime photos ‘pop,’ you have to come up with a colorful composition. Everything should blend together — the outfit, the surroundings, the concept — but you can mix it up and try different things. I always try to bring something special to every photo shoot so that it feels fresh and new — just like spring.”

When capturing images of your family at home or self-portraits with spring accents, create a comfortable environment that inspires the people you’re capturing. Planning is key. We can’t wait to see what you create next.

Cover image by ​Denis Kuaev.

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