In this series, 10 Offset artists answer 10 questions about their approaches to visual storytelling. Each artist has a different style and subject matter, ranging from lively portraiture to stark architectural photography. Discover how their inspiration, techniques, and stories unfold.

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Question 5: How did Offset find you, or did you find Offset?

1. Devon Hall: I heard about Offset from a fellow photographer and applied. 

Image by Devon Hall

2. Ester Keate: Offset found me and sent me an email.  

Image by Ester Keate

3. Jen Huang: Offset found me first, and then I reached back out to them when I was ready. 

Image by Jen Huang

4. Jennifer Bogle: I was contacted by Offset back in the summer of 2014, after they saw my work on my blog. Submitting to a stock agency wasn’t even on my radar so I didn’t respond right away, but a few friends did. I got a follow-up email a few months later and jumped on it. I’ve been a contributor ever since

Image by Jennifer Bogle

5. Kyle La Mere: Offset found me! Yay! 

Image by Kyle La Mere

6. Lisa Tichané: I received an email from Offset last year, saying that my work would be a wonderful addition to the growing Offset collection. I have to admit that I didn’t know what Offset was at that time – the world of stock photography was totally new to me. I was pretty reluctant at first because I had heard so many bad stories about stock, but when I started to browse the imagery in the Offset galleries I was hooked. It was so different (and so much better) than what I expected. Such a unique collection! 

Image by Lisa Tichané

7. Matt Armendariz: Offset contacted me and it was the beginning of a great relationship! I love Offset. 

Image by Matt Armendariz

8. William & Susan Brinson: Offset found us through our website,

Image by William & Susan Brinson

9. Shana Novak: Offset found me.

Image by Shana Novak

10. Benoit Florençon: A former client referred me.

Image by Benoit Florençon

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Offset artists are visual storytellers with a deep passion for their craft. Images in the Offset collection are gathered from world-class and award-winning assignment photographers, illustrators, and agencies, with a focus on unique content with narrative, authentic, and sophisticated qualities.