In this series, 10 Offset artists answer 10 questions about their approaches to visual storytelling. Each artist has a different style and subject matter, ranging from lively portraiture to stark architectural photography. Discover how their inspiration, techniques, and stories unfold.

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Question 4: How many photos do you take and NOT use?

1. Devon Hall: I definitely overshoot. It varies with on-location/outdoor or studio work. My outdoor maybe 70% and studio 40%. 

Image by Devon Hall

2. Ester Keate: 90% of frames are unused. Maybe 30% of images/shots. 

Image by Ester Keate

3. Jen Huang: 0%

Image by Jen Huang

4. Jennifer Bogle: I’m a chronic over-shooter who likes to experiment, so my percentage is huge. Maybe 80 percent of my personal images never see the light of day – I’ll shoot around a scene and through moments and experiment, then just pick the few images that stand out. In a session, I keep more since I’m a little more focused on a specific goal.  

Image by Jennifer Bogle

5. Kyle La Mere: 90%

Image by Kyle La Mere

6. Lisa Tichané: Oh, the percentage is pretty high. 80 to 90%, I would say. I photograph kids and families in movement, my work includes lots of wild action and crazy moments, so I need to overshoot in order to make sure that I captured the perfect moment! 

Image by Lisa Tichané

7. Matt Armendariz: I probably use about 95% of the images I shoot, I tend to over-deliver to clients since I’m shooting for their print needs, social, and BTS. 

Image by Matt Armendariz

8. William & Susan Brinson: 30% 

Image by William & Susan Brinson

9. Shana Novak: 99%

Image by Shana Novak

10. Benoit Florençon: It really depends on the type of shoot. But I’d say 60%, maybe more.

Image by Benoit Florençon

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