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Persado integrates Shutterstock API

Persado Increases Ad Customization With Shutterstock API

This API integration provides Persado access to over 200 million images to curate advertising visuals that resonate with target audiences

Persado uses AI to learn and create marketing messages that match the language and emotions of their clients’ consumers. With AI-generated language and images, Persado clients can create advertising, email, and social campaigns that have a higher chance of increasing engagement and conversions.

Founded on the belief that the most effective ads and emails are ones that are customized to fit the target audience, Persado integrated the Shutterstock API in 2016 in its ad creation platform to allow additional visual customization for clients.

This integration gave Persado immediate access to over 90 million high-quality images in 2016 to bolster the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns clients create. With the growth of the Shutterstock image library, Persado now has access to more than 200 million visual assets in 2018. The breadth of content ensures that Persado has enough data to run accurate sentiment analysis and provide emotionally evocative visuals for advertisers in every niche.

In contrast to most digital advertising creation platforms, Persado clients don’t have to go through a separate image search and upload process. Instead, with the Shutterstock library embedded natively in the Persado platform, they can create high-performing ads in less time and with less effort.

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