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Announcing PageCloud's Integration of Shutterstock's API

Announcing PageCloud’s Integration of Shutterstock’s API

PageCloud, a leading website creation platform, integrates Shutterstock API to provide users with 200+ million quality, royalty-free images natively in creative interface.

Announcing PageCloud's Integration of Shutterstock's API — PageCloud

To help business owners create engaging websites and deliver results, PageCloud has integrated the Shutterstock API to provide users direct access to our image library within their intuitive drag-and-drop website builder.

With this integration, PageCloud users can drag any Shutterstock image and drop it exactly where they want it. Once they’re happy with the mockup, purchasing is immediate and the platform preserves their exact edits and positioning.

Visual Impact with 200+ Million High-Quality Images

Websites are the storefronts of the 21st century. Like their brick and mortar counterparts, they need to look good to attract traffic and guide visitors to take action.

In fact, high-quality images on websites decrease bounce rate, leave a lasting impression, and get visitors to come back.

Luckily for PageCloud users, all Shutterstock images have been screened using strict standards for craftsmanship and metadata accuracy. Moreover, with an additional one million images added per week, PageCloud users will always have access to the freshest visual assets when looking to customize their website layout.

Accelerated Workflow with API Integration

PageCloud has been at the forefront of user experience optimization with their drag-and-drop capability. The Shutterstock API integration is yet another way that PageCloud is making the website creation experience easy and enjoyable for users.

By embedding the Shutterstock library directly within its visual editor, PageCloud users no longer have to leave the platform to open a new tab, search and scroll through low-quality images, worry about usage rights, download, and then return to upload.

Instead, they can browse our library in the same window that they’re working in, preview images on their page for free, and license within the PageCloud platform.

Through this partnership, PageCloud and Shutterstock are transforming the way businesses create compelling websites. What can you build with our API?

Contact our Partner Development team to learn more.

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