Blog Home Platform Solutions Integrates Shutterstock API to Provide Visual Assets for High-Performing Websites engages Shutterstock through an API integration to deliver high-quality images natively in its website builder platform is a leading supplier of website hosting services in Europe with over 1,500,000 customers. As part of its service offerings, provides users with an easy-to-use website builder that has pre-built templates, responsive design for mobile devices, and unlimited bandwidth and email accounts.

The integration reflects’s mission to make it as simple as possible to create amazing websites. Prior to the integration, adding high-quality images to a website meant that users had to leave the interface, search, download, and then return to upload. Today, the Shutterstock API allows to offer a curated collection of high-quality images directly within its website builder.

The result is that premium users can experience a smooth creative workflow without the interruption of having to scavenge for the right image on the internet. Additionally, for businesses without an internal design team, having a large library of high-quality, royalty-free images, backgrounds, and icons allows them to build and optimize websites quickly and easily.

Moreover, can meet increasing user demands as they scale with a dynamic content library that expands with the Shutterstock library at a rate of over one million new images per week.

Want to see how a partnership with Shutterstock can support your growth and improve user experience for your platform? Contact our Partner Development team today.

Cover image by ABO PHOTOGRAPHY

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