Offset by Shutterstock is a hand-picked collection of extraordinary, engaging imagery from top artists and storytellers around the world.

300,000 images; more than 800 top photographers and illustrators from around the world; 60-plus countries and counting: this is Offset’s image library. We’re celebrating our three-hundred-thousandth image, but what this numerical milestone doesn’t relate is the continuing power of these photographs and illustrations to transcend the two dimensional plane, bringing a distinct beauty and energy to any narrative.

Head shot of dark-haired model in head wrap by Franklin Thompson

We’re constantly adding talented storytellers from around the world to our roster, from Bulgaria to Bosnia and Moldova to Malaysia. Some of our most recent additions include our UK-based partner agency, Image SourceMin Modh, who photographs family life in Malaysia; Jantein de Bood, a Dutch interior photographer; German illustrator Sabrina Mueller; Canadian lifestyle and family photographer, Kyla Ewert; Swedish illustrator, Christina Andersson; German fashion photographer Dennis Gritzke; Russian photographer Peter Karasev; and Italian conceptual illustrator Carolina Melis.

Reine fishing village at night with starry sky, Norway by Pete Saloutos / Image Source
Daniella Nilva, Stock Photo Buyer at Ogilvy & Mather, says their creatives are overjoyed with the vibrant image offerings. “Offset is redefining royalty free stock photography,” she says. “The content is fresh and the images are real.”
Woman making stop gesture with hand by Christina Andersson

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Brothers relaxing together on a pool float by Joyce Kang
Woman sitting on bed holding folding hand fan by Dennis Gritzke
Neon shapes and crows on trees by Sabrina Mueller
Chinese breakfast with soup and rice by Francesco Majo
A hand painting nails and lines by Carolina Melis
Large necklace worn by bride by Kyla Ewert
Three ends of lipstick on fishhooks on white background by Paul Sirisalee
Paicho, Uganda – February 27, 2015: Ugandan woman and her family outside of a traditional home by Brian Hodges
Aerial view of Rows of taxis waiting at airport by Christian Garibaldi
Father reading a book to his son and daughter on a sofa by Suzanne Gipson
Girl telling a secret to another girl by Helena Perez Garcia
Child biting a toy dinosaur by Min Mohd
Still life with cheese, cracker and water by Jantien de Bood
Lemon meringue pie on a cake stand by Peter Karasev

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Top image: White duck diving into water on black background by Chuck Bradley.

Offset artists are visual storytellers with a deep passion for their craft. Images in the Offset collection are gathered from world-class and award-winning assignment photographers, illustrators, and agencies, with a focus on unique content with narrative, authentic, and sophisticated qualities.


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