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New Era Studios has partnered with Shutterstock to meet the diverse needs of design projects across a variety of industries

Art has the power to transform spaces. However, finding the right artwork for every space can be a difficult task for designers and art consultants. To alleviate this problem, New Era Studios offers a full service, custom print solution that delivers high-resolution visuals across a wide range of customer projects.

However, building a library with the appropriate volume to cater to every designer request is a huge undertaking that is only possible with a massive in-house design team. Instead of building such a team themselves, New Era Studios decided to tap into Shutterstock’s network of over 450,000 contributors.

Through the Shutterstock API integration, New Era Studios is able to augment its existing library by over 200 million visual assets.

Additionally, as a reputable studio servicing the world’s leading companies such as the Hyatt Hotel and Resorts, Ruby Tuesday, and GE Medical Research Park, quality is imperative. With Shutterstock’s carefully reviewed library by a global network of professionals, New Era Studios can ensure visuals are of the highest caliber for their customers.

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Cover image by pernsanitfoto

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