Calling all Shutterstock contributors: Here’s your chance to be the first to see a new tool we’re developing for you. We’re testing a new interface to make it easier to edit your Shutterstock portfolio, and we’d like your input.
The new content editor combines the best features of our new batch content editor we rolled out last year and the original editor it replaced. Among other enhancements, it allows you to use your tab to cycle through the fields, which can save time as you’re editing and inputting keywords and other metadata.

This is an experimental feature, but this tool is live. If you make any edits, they will show up in your portfolio. We hope you’ll take this new editor for a spin, but you can keep using our existing batch editor if you prefer it.

Keep in mind this tool is still under development and it hasn’t been optimized for every web browser. We recommend using the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome or Safari for this test.

We’ll use your feedback to influence future changes to the editing system.

Follow this link to take part in our Content Editor alpha test.