Nothing changes a room like a beautiful piece of art. A carefully chosen poster or print can elevate your surroundings and transform the feeling of a room. But how do you find the perfect piece?

Amazon is making it easy for shoppers to pick the perfect wall art for their space – be it a living room, dorm room, doctor’s office, or even a classroom. Through its brand new Posters & Prints Program, Amazon is bringing stunning wall art ideas right at your fingertips, all through a simple keyword search. And since art curators include everyone from expressive teenagers to experienced interior designers, Amazon has teamed with Shutterstock to create a storefront with thousands of professional images in various categories, ready to be customized and printed right through the Amazon platform.

Read on to learn how to select art for both public and private spaces with the new Shutterstock collection on Amazon.


Startups are places of bustling innovation, where employees feel empowered to come up with ideas that disrupt the status quo. Art on these walls should encourage this line of thinking, while supporting the 24-hour hustle of startup life. Try warm colors like red, orange, and yellow to bring energy to a space. While there are countless subjects to display, think about ones that symbolize the same inventive and eclectic nature of the startup, like airplanes or a city skyline.

amazon wall art
Image by Sean Pavone

Corporate Office

In a corporate office, there’s more foot traffic, and therefore more eyeballs on the wall art. The aesthetics should reflect a conducive working environment, but this doesn’t mean the artwork has to be bland. Draw inspiration from the work itself – collaboration, teamwork, achievement, and ambition are all principles that can guide the wall art in an office. Universal subjects like wildlife can appeal to a wide audience and act as visual metaphors for these values.

amazon wall art
Image by Drakuliren

Doctor’s Office

The doctor’s or dentist’s office can be filled with anxious patients, but wall art can go a long way to calm their nerves. Select images in blues and greens – these shades are universally connected to sky, water, and nature, bolstering their calming abilities. In fact, nature is a great subject to choose for waiting room art – think sunny beaches or forest scenes that help patients escape somewhere more relaxing in the minutes before their appointment.

CPA’s Office

The art in a small bank, a CPA’s office, or any office of a financial nature needs to be reassuring. People who are discussing personal finance and investments are focused on a very specific vision for their future. Therefore, art in these offices should instill feelings of comfort and confidence. Pick art featuring the color blue for its reliable and trustworthy quality, or go for neutral browns, tans, and taupes for their timelessness. When choosing the subject, keep things concrete – opt for photography with clean lines and light shadows.

amazon wall art
Image by vichie81


The classroom is a space for developing minds, and the wall art should assist in this process. Creativity and imagination are paramount when curating for a classroom, taking into account the subjects being taught, and the age of the students. Try something bold that engages, something soothing that calms high energy, or something in-between. Abstract art is a great option, since it encourages children to use their imagination. If that’s too distracting, try art with familiar subjects mixed with unique compositions – thick paint strokes or flowing watercolors add a tactile sense that’s perfect for a busy classroom.

Image by Vladimir Wrangel

Pictured: Image by Vladimir Wrangel

Dorm room

Since it’s in a private space, dorm room art can run the gamut of color combinations and subjects. But many students select similar art because they’re all looking for similar feelings – a fun, familiarity, and a bit of escapism. Images with saturated colors can liven up a small and boxy dorm room, while high-energy scenes can help students stay awake during hours of studying. Images of busy beaches are like a vacation in a frame, while portraits can offer a sense of self as students learn about who they are.

Image by Andrey Armyagov
Image by Anna Ismagilova

Pictured: [1] Image by Andrey Armyagov [2] Image by Anna Ismagilova


The home is a sacred space, and the art inside of it will be as unique as the people living there. This means there are no hard and fast rules to choosing art for the home – it just has to be something you like. As a place where your influence reigns, don’t hold back from colors that you love or subjects that you find interesting. Use bright colored wall art to introduce a pop of color to an otherwise neutral room, or coordinate the color to your favorite piece of furniture to maximize the flow of a room. Abstract art can be a beautiful addition to any home, as it’s amorphous quality melds with many styles and sentiments.

amazon wall art
Image by pluie_r

Whatever room you’re decorating, the new Shutterstock collection on Amazon has images that will suit your needs. Explore thousands of pictures to turn into posters or prints, featuring popular subjects like landscapes, food, animals, city skylines, and abstract compositions.