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NEON: Free Animated Text Typeface – 36 FREE Motion Graphic Elements

NEON: Free Animated Text Typeface – 36 FREE Motion Graphic Elements

Looking for a clean and modern feel for your videos? Or a retro, flashy flair? Download these versatile FREE animated text presets to get the aesthetic you want in no time.

If you’ve seen our 2019 Creative Trends Report, you know that neon and retro futurism-inspired aesthetics are on the rise in all types of design. From moody cyberpunk looks to bright and jazzy vaporwave graphics, these styles give retro a whole new, contemporary feel.

With this FREE animated text download, you can add a dynamic and clean-looking neon text to your video projects and motion design. Whether you use the pre-rendered text elements as is, or you hop into After Effects to customize the project file to fit your needs, this free font download is sure to add new energy to your projects.

Download the Free Animated Text

In the download, you’ll find the following assets and elements:

  • All 26 letters of the alphabet, pre-rendered with alpha channel (.mov)
  • Numbers 0-9, pre-rendered with alpha channel  (.mov)
  • After Effects project file (.aep) for customization as needed


These assets are free to use in any personal or commercial projects. By downloading, you agree not to sell or redistribute these assets.

How to Customize the Free Animated Text

NEON: Free Animated Text Typeface

There are lots of ways to use these elements. All of the colors and most facets of the typeface can be modified with a bit of After Effects know-how. Here’s how to customize the look of the text using After Effects.

We recommend using the most up-to-date version of After Effects.

Customizing with After Effects

Customize free animated text in after affects

When you open the After Effects project file, the SCENE OPTIONS composition should open automatically. If it doesn’t, navigate to it.

Inside of this comp, you’ll find a null object labeled “SCENE OPTIONS.” Select that null object and go to your Effect Controls Panel.

Customize free animated text download

In the Effect Controls tab, you’ll find color customization options for all of the various colors in the scene, as well as other offset and opacity controls to customize other aspects of the scene.

Here, you can dial in the look that you want.

Rendering the Text in After Effects

Rendering free animated text in After Effects

Once you have the look that you want, you can navigate to the “RENDER ZONE” folder and find the letters that you need for your project. Your changes and customizations will be reflected in these compositions. You can select them, then select “Composition” at the top, then “Add to Adobe Media Encoder Queue”.

Here, you can select all of the output modules and change them to your preferred format. We recommend Apple ProRes 4444 with 16+Alpha selected (to fight against banding issues), though you can select any format you’d like.

How To Use The Free Animated Text In Your Video

How to use free animated text in your video

The pre-rendered exports of these characters are provided in Apple ProRes 4444 format with 16 bits per channel and alpha channel included. Make sure your non-linear editing software and operating system is compatible with this format.

To show how to use these elements for video we’ll be using Adobe Premiere Pro, but the techniques should translate to all major video editing software.

Laying Out Letters

Select letters from free animated text file

In the above example, we’re going to spell out the shorthand for Shutterstock – SSTK. As you can see, I’ve pulled out the necessary letters. You’ll want to select each letter separately and use the position controls in the Effect Controls tab to get your word correctly lined up.

In their standard form, the letters only animate on. If you want them to animate backwards, off the screen, you’ll need to duplicate your letters and place them next to the first iterations. Then, reverse the duplicate copies of your clips.

Make free animated text animate backwards

Once you have your letters lined up, you can select all of your text elements, right click, and select Nest.

Now all of your text will be grouped as one single object that you can move freely. Again, this is a Premiere Pro example, but this approach can be replicated in most editing software applications.

Changing Colors Without After Effects

If you’d like to make global adjustments to the colors of these text assets, you can grab any effect that includes a hue slider. In Premiere Pro, this effect is called “Color Balance (HLS).” Dragging the hue slider will change all of the text colors at once, to give you a varied look.

How to change color of animated text presets in Premiere Pro

These are just the most basic ways to use our free animated text download. The possibilities are limitless when you combine these crisp, neon letters with amazing clips from Shutterstock.

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