Now that NAB 2019 is over, we took a second to round up some of the amazing new gear releases and announcements from Las Vegas this past week.

Another year, another round of NAB gear announcements. Although we’ve seen an uptick in companies announcing or releasing their gear via special press releases, there are still plenty of companies that roll out their new announcements and exciting tech at NAB — and 2019 was no different. Let’s take a look at who made the biggest announcements this year.

Aputure Lighting

NAB 2019: The New Gear Releases to Keep an Eye On — Aputure

Aputure probably had the hottest NAB releases on the floor in 2019. People were constantly swarming their booth to see the 300d II, the RGBW light panel, and the Leko attachment (otherwise known as the “spotlight attachment”). But these were just their floor releases — last Tuesday night, they had a “super secret” dinner that showcased some of their newest tech coming out later this year. Here were the highlights.

A9 Lightbulb Attachment

An RGB-capable lightbulb that you can charge by screwing it into a traditional light socket — and you can use it wirelessly once it’s charged.

NAB 2019: The New Gear Releases to Keep an Eye On — AL-MC


A small RGB light that packs a serious punch. It’s the size of a credit card, it’s wireless, and it’s adjustable to any color on the scale. You can also purchase it in a Pelican case that contains wireless charging ports for multiple AL-MCs.

NAB 2019: The New Gear Releases to Keep an Eye On — Sidus App

Sidus App

This is Aputure’s new all-in-one app that can control just about everything that you would normally adjust on each light individually. This includes color adjustment, wattage, and intensity controls — you can also save presets so you don’t have to set up lights the same way over and over. The app works off of a brand-new type of Bluetooth that can connect up to 64,000 devices at a time. (Not that you’re going to use that many . . .)

NAB 2019: The New Gear Releases to Keep an Eye On — Aputure 300d II

One of the crown jewels this year is the update to the massively popular 300d light — the 300d II. It’s 20% brighter than the 300d, and you can power it using 2 V-mount batteries. The included ballast also comes with a clip that can attach directly to a C-stand or lighting stand, so you don’t have to string it up by the wires anymore. It also comes with lighting presets, such as strobe, explosion, and flash — as well as Sidus app connectivity. Here are the rest of the specs:

  • Up to 90,000 Lux @ 1 meter with Fresnel 2X
  • 20% brighter than the original 300d
  • New all-in-one fanless control box
  • 0% – 100% dimming control
  • Improved handbrake locking yoke with 360-degree rotation
  • DMX512 compatibility
  • Modular Bowens mount for lighting modifiers

It is slated for an August release at a cost of $1,299.

Blackmagic Design

NAB 2019: The New Gear Releases to Keep an Eye On — Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic had its own release party just weeks before NAB, and they announced their new Blackmagic RAW format — along with the new URSA Mini 4.6K G2. So, we weren’t expecting them to come out with any brand new gear. But, they did.

After listening to the fans of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema complain about the lackluster battery life of their newest portable camera, Blackmagic created the new Battery Grip for the BMPCC4K. This thing can double the battery life using 2 L-series batteries.

NAB 2019: The New Gear Releases to Keep an Eye On — Editor Keyboard

Along with the BMPCC Battery Grip, Blackmagic also launched something that many Resolve editors will be excited about — a DaVinci Resolve-specific keyboard. From what we heard from the Blackmagic representative who showed us the new gear, editors will be able to edit in Resolve without even touching the mouse with the help of an intuitive scroll wheel. This keyboard will pair nicely with the DaVinci Resolve 16 software update, which comes with a customizable UI.


NAB 2019: The New Gear Releases to Keep an Eye On — LaCie
Image via LaCie.

LaCie’s Rugged Drive is a filmmaker’s favorite — you will usually see a few of them parked on their desk near all of their editing gear. It’s beloved for a reason: it’s fairly priced, and it can withstand the perils of being on set.

LaCie stepped up their game this year and revealed the new update to the Rugged series: an 8TB RAID shuttle drive with 250MB/s transfer speed. That’s an incredible number for what seems to be another HDD drive. This drive comes with Thunderbolt 3, USB-C, and USB 3.0 compatibility, and (like its predecessors), it’s shock, dust, and water resistant.

Atlas Lens Company

NAB 2019: The New Gear Releases to Keep an Eye On — Atlas Lens Co.

Atlas had many of the major anamorphic lens companies like Cooke and Zeiss feeling nervous this year. The major lens players had giant booths on the NAB floor, but many people started gravitating to Atlas’s tiny tent. The reason? Atlas has been offering Anamorphic lenses for a quarter of the current market price.

This year, Atlas showed off their new 25mm prototype. When I went to the booth for more information, they didn’t have much to give (because they had just finished the prototype two weeks before). But, they did have an LF lens extender that will be useful for LF-compatible cameras such as the ARRI LF, RED Montro, and the Sony Venice.

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