Check out these five fun and vibrant Mother’s Day themed social post ideas to inspire your small business.

It’s not too late to run a Mother’s Day promotion. Now is a great time for small businesses to connect with customers by honoring Moms all over. Use these ideas to promote unique offerings while taking advantage of this special holiday. Check out the creative examples to see how fun designs catch the eyes of all your followers.

This is also a great time to exercise your creative muscles by working with on-trend styles, like Memphis style, jungle plant themes, amorphous shapes, and “Millennial Pink.”

1. Run a Promotion or Discount for Moms

Discount your own products for the most direct promotion. Whether that means bundling items at a discount or cutting prices on mom-specific gear, the moms in your feed will definitely appreciate a little love just for them. A bit different from discounts for the gift-giver, this is nice because moms can get something special for themselves without wondering what kind of “surprise” they’ll receive from the family.

A simple, straightforward layout complete with a stylish bouquet will elegantly get the message across. You can keep the design basic, but jazz it up with a little variation in the headline font – the contrast with sans-serif informational text will help each stand out more. Language like “treat yourself” makes sure Mom knows that this offer is just for her.

Mother's day promo idea

Template via Sunlike

2. Highlight Awesome Moms in the Company

There’s no shame in tooting one’s own horn, especially when it comes to giving praise to your employees or co-workers. Moms are some of the most praiseworthy among us, so be sure to heap it on those within your own ranks; after all they’re pulling double-duty at work and home.

Use a well-lit custom photo of your honoree on an organic theme. The soft angles and neutral yet bright color palette will contrast the rectangles and block text of a social feed, catching the eyes of people scrolling for feel-good content.

Mother's Day community spotlight

Background via 9dream studio, portrait via iordani.

3. Host a Mother’s Day Event and Invite Moms in the Community

What better way to honor your community than by giving Moms some swag or refreshments and a little break from the day to day? If you have a brick and mortar location, consider hosting a Mother’s Day event.

Make a vibrant coupon that advertises an event with free stuff. Make it interactive with an RSVP button. Lay this all on a fun spring/summer focused layout, using layering and subtle shading for movement and depth. This will help it pop off the screen. Adding a little texture to the background makes a nice tactile setting for the active foreground.

Mother's day event

Template via Uniyok, paper texture via YamabikaY.

4. Giveaways and Free Stuff

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Use a giveaway to thank Moms in your customer base. Create an Instagram story with bright colors and simple language. Using stories makes your promotion easy to interact with, and they’re temporary by nature, which means less maintenance once the promo is over.

Mother's Day Giveaway

Image via tandaV.

5. Create a Moving Mother’s Day Video

You can use video to really heighten the Mother’s Day feeling. Videos increase engagement and get users to stop scrolling, and they can enhance an all-photo feed with a whole new dynamic. Short clips that don’t make the viewer wait too long for the payoff can really increase engagement. Choose a new mom playing with her newborn and take the viewer back to that magic time with their young kids. Or, look for a family scene to promote the idea of kinship, with mom presiding, or anything in between that evokes mom’s special presence in our lives.

You can also get testimonials from employees, management, or other customers sharing what makes their mom important, or an event that shaped their own lives. Or maybe just some funny little things Mom did growing up that they still remember with fondness.

Cover image via Anastasia Cherkas

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