Earlier this month, fashionistas once again hit the snow-filled streets of New York in the name of art, inspiration, and personal expression, as New York Fashion Week returned for 2014. This year, I had the opportunity to shoot with the fashion frontrunners, and capturing images as they dashed from one runway to the next, I began to connect some emerging trends with the endless imagery in the Shutterstock collection.

Whether it’s a landscape, an illustration, interior decor, or even an animal, inspiration for today’s cutting-edge patterns, colors, and textures can be found just about everywhere you search. Abstracting ideas from the sights of the NYFW Fall/Winter 2014 events and Shutterstock images, I created these mood-board collages to offer a unique perspective on the convergence of fashion and art in what’s trending on (and soon-to-be off) the runway.

Pattern Overlays

Create a dynamic look by mixing and matching your favorite patterns. Watch out for plaid this season, but floral, tartan, digitized, and cartoon prints will also do the trick.

Comfy Chic

Casual sportswear worn with accessories allows you to be comfortable while keeping up with the latest styles. Lots of layers and muted tones, especially in menswear, are a must to create the re-emerging ’90s urban gothic look.

Hints of Hue

Minimalist style combined with a dash of radiant hues creates a fresh modern look. Some of today’s most fashion-forward colors include bright yellow, electric blue, and Pantone’s color of the year, wild orchid. Soft, dreamy pastels and rich metallics are also on the rise.

Playful Plush

Brighten your day and channel your inner hip-hop star with a playful mix of plush textures, bright colors, and funky prints.

Layer Up

Stay warm and cozy with the nonchalant, colossally layered look. Monochromatic palettes are best for this look, with just a touch of color added for contrast. Oversized coats, wraps, and scarves can all add to your enveloping ensemble.

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