And it’s…

I Believe I Can Fly Cat!!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Flying Cats everywhere are ecstatic to learn that their ambassador, I Believe I Can Fly Cat, has dominated March Catness and will now be known as Shutterstock Cat Champion!!!

The competition was stiff as a whisker, but there could be only one winner. Here’s what I Believe I Can Fly Cat had to say about her victory:

“I’m absolutely ecstatic! I never thought I would be picked, Ice Cream Cat is just so cheerful and likeable! I’d like to thank all of the humans who came out to vote for little ol’ me. I’d also like to thank my mother and two brothers, and of course Ice Cream Cat. Let’s go out for some ice cream soon!”

Ice Cream Cat was very classy in the face of his loss, despite obviously being disappointed:

“I Believe I Can Fly Cat was the best cat, and she won. So congratulations to her! What-ever. I’m gonna go get a new bag and pick up some ice-cream!”

Congratulations, I Believe I Can Fly Cat. Or should we say, “I Believe I Can Win Cat”?

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