The competition is getting hairy! We’re now up to Round 3 of our March Catness challenge, in which the ultimate winner can claim the title of Shutterstock Cat Champion!!

Why don’t we get to know a bit about today’s featured felines?

Ice Cream Cat– He’s a happy-go-lucky guy, who loves handbags and of course–ice cream! “Summer is my absolute fave!” he says “I can wear all my brightest caps and eat delicious rainbow sherbet every single day!” Ice cream cat thinks he’s got this one in the bag.

Godfather Cat– A serious cat who means business, Godfather Cat will always take time to do favors for his friends. He loves European-cut suits and swordfish dinners with his family. After Round 2, his opponent–Fat Tuesday Cat–disappeared, perhaps due to the utter guilt of partaking in a competition of this sort during Lent. Godfather Cat will be very sad if you don’t pick him…very very sad.

Winky Cat– He’s a big flirt with a constant smile on his face. He keeps his gray coat luscious and soft by rubbing up on the finest, lightest-colored furniture of his human friends. We asked Winky Cat what he thought about this round: “We gorgeous creatures gotta stick together, you’ll vote for me, right?” at which point he winked an amber eye at us. Oh you!

Mean Mug Cat– Has seen it all, and he doesn’t have time for this nonsense! His favorite activities are: sitting on your face while you’re asleep, refusing food, and scratching you while you’re petting him. “I never win nothin’,” says Mean Mug Cat. “Why, if I win this round, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!” Don’t be so pessimistic, Mean Mug Cat! He will be silently judging you until you choose him.

Relaxing with a Book Cat– She’s recently switched foods, but that’s no problem! “I just loooove to read! I just read, read, read–all day long!” says Relaxing with a Book Cat. She loves making a trip to the litterbox just in time for your dinner, and if you’re reading a book that’s too hard for her: “I’ll just lay right on top of it! If I can’t enjoy it, no one can!” She wants you to pick her, so she can show all the other neighborhood cats that she’s no nerd.

Scooter Cat– Is always on the go. He might be young, but he’s smart enough to always wear a helmet and protective vest. Scooter Cat loves to be active. When he knocked over yet another precious Ming Vase, his owner got him a scooter to help him live the fast life he always wanted. He zoomed past his competition in the last round, and is optimistic that he’ll do the same this time. Although Scooter cat lives on the edge, he does NOT talk on his cell phone while driving, no sir!

I Believe I Can Fly Cat– She loves to meditate, “I just get the feeling that I’m in the air!” When she was young, a wise guru taught her ancient feline breathing exercises that allow her to put herself in the purrfect state of mind to attain inner peace and a sense of lightness. For I Believe I Can Fly Cat, winning isn’t everything, but she would positively be walking on air if you picked her!

Cats Going Wild– This posse of misfits won’t go anywhere unless they’re together. They were born in the same litter, in a box by some railroad tracks. Since then, they’ve been independent and street-smart. When they show up to a party, you know it’s about to get crazy! We caught up with them while they were in a nice old lady’s house, ripping up her furniture.”All these other cats are a bunch a weenies!” they said. “Only one that comes close to bein’ able to hang is Scooter Cat, but we’re gonna beat him, too!” These cats sure are confident that you’ll want them to win!

The claws are coming out! Quickly vote for your favorite cats by 8 p.m. EST Monday, March 28, and choose wisely. We’re just shedding with excitement–who will win? Only YOU can choose the ultimate Shutterstock Cat Champion!

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