Valentine’s Day is almost here, and if you haven’t already picked out the perfect card, we’re here to help you make it yourself! This crafty DIY tutorial from The Gold Jellybean‘s Shaleah Soliven will lead you through the steps of creating your own personalized cards — and there are no special talents required. It’s a super easy way to create custom Valentines using your favorite printed artwork or photographs.

The materials are simple too. Here’s what you’ll need: card stock (the heavier, the better), cotton balls , clear nail-polish remover with acetone, a spoon or burnisher, a laser-printed image, and a well-ventilated work area.

Step 1
Select your image and print it out so that it’s a little larger than the width of your cards. Use any image you like. (Need ideas? Look here.) The important part is that you use a laser printer, as an inkjet image will bleed too much. Cut out your image and lay it face down on the card stock.

Note: Your transferred image will be a mirror of the original, so if you have an image with text, you’ll need to reverse it before printing.

Step 2
Using a cotton ball or rag, fully saturate the back of your image with nail polish remover. Make sure to hold your image in place on the card; you can use tape if it helps.

Step 3
With the edge of a spoon, rub back and forth over the backside of your image. Use even pressure, but not too much, to avoid ripping your paper. You don’t have to be perfect with this step — the idea is to create an irregular transfer so your card has a handmade feel.

Note: Images transfer best when you work in small sections, applying acetone to a selected area and immediately rubbing over it.

Step 4
Carefully peel back the printed paper to reveal your transferred image.

Step 5
Repeat the process to make as many cards as you want. Each one will be a unique variation on the original. Set aside cards to fully dry. Once they’re set, your cards are ready to personalize and give to all your loved ones!


About the author: Shaleah Soliven is a mom, interior designer, and blogger at The Gold Jellybean. She started the blog as a place to inspire DIY parents who have creative kids and an eye for design. Her goal is to reassure all parents that having kids doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fun or style.


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