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Shutterstock and Magic Leap Partner to Transform the Future of Reality

This new partnership empowers Magic Leap with premium multimedia assets to make dreams a reality and realities a dream.

As one of the most anticipated product launches of 2018, Magic Leap One is utilizing spatial computing to blur the edges between the physical and the digital worlds.

Spatial computing is a novel approach to experiential technology. Instead of enclosing users in a completely virtual world or overlaying the virtual on top of the physical, spatial computing immerses participants a mixed reality that is responsive to the laws of physics and human behavior.

Merging the Digital and Physical with Curated Assets

With a premium collection of images and video clips from Shutterstock, Magic Leap can now tap into the work of Shutterstock contributors from all over the world to build spatial experiences that can reshape how we understand reality.

Some use cases of what our premium content allows Magic Leap to do include:

  • Designing tabletops with captivating and dynamic displays
  • Sketching impactful visual narratives on plain walls
  • Creating immersive aesthetic experiences out of empty spaces

By providing the multimedia building blocks, Shutterstock grants Magic Leap users access to the collective imagination of photographers, designers, and producers around the globe. After all, world-building doesn’t have to be a lonesome endeavor.

“Shutterstock  has a stellar reputation as being  the leading global provider of high-quality licensed images, videos, and music, and their content  has inspired countless creators across the  world. As Magic Leap works to transform the  future of spatial computing, we are thrilled to  have Shutterstock as a partner to help evolve the  way the physical and digital worlds intersect.” – Magic Leap Chief Business Officer Rachna Bhasin

Shutterstock is changing digital experiences one partnership at a time. What can we build together with your solution? Contact us to learn more about our partner program.

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