Designing a great logo for a client or your own business is no easy task. To help, we’ve curated 18 logo ideas from various industries to inspire your design project.

A great logo design is vital to successful branding: It communicates a brand’s values and offerings, differentiates it from competitors, and leaves a lasting impression on the consumer. With that in mind, we put together some logo ideas from different industries and business types for your design inspiration.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced logo designer, it’s important to understand the brand and industry you’re designing for, along with its target audience. Various industries take on different approaches to logo design. A law firm logo might aim to appear professional and trustworthy, while a children’s clothing boutique logo might have a bright and fun look. Knowing the context of the logo and how it will be interpreted by others is a key skill when designing for a brand.

Read on to get inspired by an assortment of logo ideas and mockups for different industries.

Logo Ideas for Agencies & Firms

1. Architecture

Logo idea for architecture firm

Logo inspiration via iamguru. Used EB Garamond font. Office Mockup via Peshkova.

2. Law

Logo idea for law firm

Logo inspiration via Brand Lee. Used Baskerville font. Outdoor Sign Mockup via Who Is Danny.

3. Technology

Logo idea for technology company

Logo inspiration via Nwork. Used Gill Sans font. Exterior Sign Mockup via Veja.

Logo Ideas for Art & Creative Industries

4. Art Studio

Logo idea for art studio

Logo inspiration via Legend_art. Used Montserrat fonts. Gallery Mockup via SFIO CRACHO.

5. Floral Designer

Logo idea for floral designer

Logo inspiration via esk1m0. Used Golden Plains and Playfair Display fonts. Floral Flatlay via Ariadna Nevskaya

6. Photographer

Logo idea for professional photographer

Logo inspiration via createvil. Used Francisco and Didot fonts. Camera Flatlay via happydancing.

Logo Ideas for Beauty & Cosmetics Brands

7. Cosmetics

Logo idea for cosmetics company

Logo inspiration via iamguru. Used Noto Serif font. Cosmetics Mockup via paulynn.

8. Hair Salon

Logo idea for hair salon

Logo inspiration via Sentavio. Used Playfair Display font. Beauty Mockup via Andrej Sevkovskij.

9. Spa

Logo idea for spa

Logo inspiration via createvil. Used Superclarendon font. Spa Flatlay Mockup via ARTFULLY PHOTOGRAPHER.

Logo Ideas for Fitness & Recreation Brands

10. Aquarium

Logo idea for aquarium

Logo inspiration via venimo. Used Montserrat Alternates font. Aquarium Image via Alexandra Mitchell.

11. Mountain Adventures

Logo idea for adventure brand

Logo inspiration via Enola99d. Mountain Gear Flatlay via Olivier Le Queinec.

12. Yoga & Meditation Studio

Logo idea for yoga studio

Logo inspiration via vectortwins. Used Raleway font. Yoga Studio Mockup via Yana Ermakova.

Logo Ideas for Food & Beverage Businesses

13. Bar & Grill

Logo idea for restaurant

Logo inspiration via Vasya Kobelev. Used Stint Ultra Condensed and Stint Ultra Expanded fonts. Restaurant Mockup via Kostsov.

14. Café & Bakery

Logo idea for cafe and bakery

Flourishes via Vasya Kobelev. Bakery Icons via CkyBe. Used Montserrat and Quicksand fonts. Bakery Flatlay via ouh_desire.

15. Smoothie & Juice Bar

Logo idea for juice bar

Used Quicksand fonts. Smoothie Flatlay via Fortyforks.

Logo Ideas for Home & Apparel Brands

16. Home Furnishings

Logo idea for home furnishings company

Logo inspiration via Sundali. Used Futura font. Furniture Mockup via visualstock.

17. Men’s Apparel

Logo idea for men's apparel company

Logo inspiration via seveniwe. Used Montserrat and Thirthy fonts. T-Shirt Mockup via belkos.

18. Women’s Boutique

Logo idea for women's clothing boutique

Logo inspiration via createvil. Used Vidaloka and Montserrat fonts. Boutique Mockup via Makarovada.

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Cover image via Chaosamran_Studio.