It was back in 1962 when James Bond walked off the pages of Ian Fleming’s novels and onto the silver-screen. It was Sean Connery who first embodied this debonair spy, and said one of the most iconic lines in movie history, “The Name is Bond, James Bond.”

We’ve been traveling around the world with Bond ever since, marvelling at his fast cars, fantastic gadgets and all the beautiful ladies. This year, Bond turns 50 and an exciting new movie, Skyfall, starring the dapper Daniel Craig, no doubtedly drinking a maritini–shaken, not stirred, of course–will hit the theaters worldwide this weekend. We decided that a whirl around the world with James Bond was in order, and searched our gallery for stunning images of all the fantastic places he’s been.

From his homeland in England, to Paris, Iceland, Monaco, Brazil, Russia (with love), and even to the moon, we created a gallery with over 200 stunning locations. We selected a few below to start your journey with the original International Man of Mystery, Bond, James Bond. Start your travels below, and visit the gallery here.

Bonus Bond I.Q.: How many movies can you name via the locale?

James Bond 007: United Kingdom

United Kingdom, the homeland of James Bond 007, where he serves in Her Majesty’s Secret Service. © SUSAN LEGGETT

James Bond 007: Dunnottar Castle in Scotland

Scotland is one of the locales in the latest Bond film, Skyfall. © elementals

James Bond 007: Paris, France

Paris, France set the scene for 1985’s A View to a Kill, with a climactic fight scene on the Eiffel Tower. © S.Borisov

James Bond 007: Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon is where Bond takes down The Man with the Golden Gun. © f8grapher

James Bond 007: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

Another view to die for, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. © Radoslaw Lecyk

James Bond 007: Jokulsarlon Glacier, Iceland

The famous Jökulsárlón Glacier, Iceland has Bond skating on thin ice in Die Another Day. © Alexander A.Trofimov

James Bond 007: Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China made a few appearences, including 1967’s You Only Live Twice and again in 2002’s Die Another Day. © chungking

James Bond 007: Moscow, Russia

From Moscow, Russia with love. This country has seen plenty of James Bond in its day! © Andrey Bayda

James Bond 007: The Moon

THE MOON? Yes! He not only traveled around the world, but to outer space. Bond took one giant step for Spy-kind in 1979’s Moonraker. Oh Bond, is there no where you will go to save the human race? © Brad Thompson