As a Shutterstock contributor, you know how important accurate keywords are to growing your sales.

With our new Content Editor, we’ve given keywords more visual importance and made it easier for you to add and edit them. Here are some handy tips on how to perform common keyword tasks with the new content editor.

  • Add keywords one at a time. After you’ve uploaded images, visit the Content Editor and start entering your keywords. After each word or phrase, type a comma (,), semi-colon (;), or press enter (or return). Then type your next keyword.
  • Delete keywords. You can delete the last keyword by pressing the backspace key while you’re editing, or you can manually remove keywords by clicking on the remove icon (x) next to each keyword.
  • Add keywords to multiple images. Adding keywords to multiple images at the same time is just as easy. First, select multiple rows to edit by clicking the checkboxes. As you add keywords, they’ll be attached to all the checked items. You can also remove duplicate keywords with a single click.
  • Import keywords from another application. You can copy keyword data from another application and paste it into the keyword box. Before you paste a keyword list, you should make sure your keywords are separated by commas or semicolons. (If your phrases are in quotes, that’s OK too.)
  • Copy existing keywords. You can copy keywords you’ve already entered. Just select your existing keywords by moving your mouse over the purple area of the keywords you want to copy, then clicking and dragging to select the keywords. You can copy them using Ctrl+C or Cmd+C. Then use Ctrl+V or Cmd+V to paste the keywords into another keyword box.
  • Check spelling. If you get spelling errors after submitting, you can click on the suggested replacements to change your keywords in place.

Remember, you can help your photos and illustrations sell better by including lots of keywords that accurately describe why a buyer would want to search for to find your images. Good luck!

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