Shutterstock Editor launches today, and you can be one of the first to use this simple, fast, and free way to edit photos — now in beta. Simply choose a photo, customize it, and create the perfect image for your project.

With Shutterstock Editor’s current features, you can crop photos using preset or custom sizes. Social media, email, and presentation sizes are already included. You can also apply a custom filter to change the look of your image. Try “Carbon” to get a black-and-white look, or opt for warmer hues with “Copper.” With Shutterstock Editor, there are 10 filters to choose from and endless ways to create a unique image for your latest project.

Learn how to use the tool below, then try it for yourself at »

How to Create Custom Images with Shutterstock Editor

Start by choosing a photo from the Shutterstock collection. Then select “Custom Size” and click the “Edit Image” button.


Choose the “Set Custom Size” option to save a custom width and height or select a preset size, such as “Facebook Link” or “Twitter Header,” that matches your project. Preset sizes for social media, email, and presentations are already included.

Adjust the placement of your crop and click the green check mark to review.


If you want to add a filter after cropping your image, click on the “Filters” tab before downloading.

Shutterstock Editor offers 10 different filters to choose from, ranging from black-and-white “Carbon” to bold and saturated “Nickel.” Once you’ve chosen the perfect filter, you can preview the final product by clicking on the “Preview” tab.


If the image looks good, click “Download” and you’ll be prompted to choose a download option. Your image will be ready to use, and you’ll have the option to save the original photo too.

Now that you’ve seen how to customize images with Shutterstock Editor, give it a try! We’re excited to see what you can create.