Since we launched the Shutterstock app for iPad and iPhone, users have been raving about the ease and enjoyment of browsing our collection and adding their favorite images to Lightboxes on the go. With the latest update to the app, the Shutterstock Mobile Team added one of the top features people have been clamoring for — the ability to download those images directly to your device.

As of today, you can use your Shutterstock account to download photos from the app directly to your iPhone or iPad. You can then add your new images into other mobile imaging and design apps or email them to your colleagues right from your device’s photo library. Without incorporating a computer into the process, this enables more of your workflow directly on a mobile device.

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Note: Downloading EPS files (all vectors and some illustrations) and footage is not supported at this time.

With the updated app and your paid Shutterstock subscription or On Demand plan, you’ll be able to download images right from Image Detail pages. On the iPhone, just tap the “Download Image” button, and on the iPad, look for the new “Download” tab in the lower part of the screen. Try it out and let us know what you think!

New features like this rely heavily on your feedback, so keep it coming. The team is already working on the next great update, and we can’t wait to get it in your hands.

Jessica Meng
Associate Product Owner, Mobile