What is Offset? Created by Shutterstock, Offset is a new site showcasing an entirely new collection of images. The site is currently open to select preview customers at www.offset.com.

Offset’s purpose is to offer high-quality commercial and editorial imagery with simple and clear licensing terms through an elegant customer experience. Offset images will be available with royalty-free licenses at flat, per-image pricing.

Offset images are gathered from world-class assignment photographers, publishers, and agencies, with a focus on unique, authentic content. This collection of images is not available on Shutterstock or vice versa, and Offset images are not available by subscription. Offset images are independently sourced and do not come from Shutterstock contributors.

Why create a new site?

Offset is more than a unique collection; it’s a unique search experience, purchasing experience and brand that’s specifically tailored to the needs of buyers of high-end imagery.

How is Offset content different from Shutterstock content?

In contrast to Shutterstock’s submission and review process, each Offset image is hand-selected by a team of curators. The Offset team seeks out exceptional photos and illustrations with specific qualities:

  • Beautiful images that tell a story alone or together
  • Authentic and natural-looking images
  • Sophisticated and contemporary art direction and style
  • The highest production values and standards

Who are the artists who contribute to Offset? Can I contribute?

Offset contributors are visual storytellers with a deep passion for their craft. Many are dedicated assignment photographers and illustrators who have never licensed their images as stock before. Currently the process is highly selective and by invitation only.

Who decides which images are chosen for Offset?

Offset curators have comprehensive backgrounds in photography and illustration, with prior experience working with the top photographers and studios at leading image agencies, publishers, and consumer brands. Those brands include National Geographic, William Sonoma, Trunk Archive, the Associated Press, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, and others.

How is Offset being rolled out?

Our goal is for Offset to join the Shutterstock family as the premier destination for visually powerful, authentic, and hard-to-find images. For now, Offset is open only to a preview audience of customers. However, we plan to expand the number of invited customers, open the site to the public, and ramp up our marketing throughout 2013.

P.S. – You can “like” Offset on Facebook, where you can see pictures from our preview event, and follow @offsetimages on Twitter.