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Instagram Takeover: Travel to the Netherlands with Artist Maaike Boot

Illustrator Maaike Boot took over the Shutterstock Instagram account last week, and the results were pretty spectacular. A contributor since 2007, Maaike has more than 2,000 images in her Shutterstock portfolio. During her Instagram takeover, we got to virtually visit her home in the Hague, Netherlands; learn what inspires her; and see how she creates the cute and clever illustrations that populate her portfolio.



One of the most fascinating parts of this experience — our first-ever Instagram takeover — was getting a look inside the home and studio of a Shutterstock contributor. Describing the right-hand image above, Maaike wrote, “This photo says a lot about me. I studied typography and design. I adore quirky patterns, ridiculous knickknacks, and of course lomography.”



We were also offered a glimpse of the architecture and culture surrounding Maaike’s Netherlands home, where she does Saturday yoga on the beach.



A few days before she took over our Instagram account, Maaike told her Facebook followers that she was going to fill our page with illustrations — which was fine by us! Not only did she share her drawing-to-vector process with our followers (shown in the header image above), but she also posted more than a dozen patterns and illustrations, from quirky pineapples to an image representing her recent trip to New York.



Seeing a contributor’s drawing process was great, and it was even more exciting to see the illustrations from her Shutterstock portfolio come to life. The little doll on the left is the “most adorable” recreation of her designs that Maaike has ever spotted in the wild.



During her 7-day takeover, Maaike took us from India to the Hague, sharing #latergram photos from her travels, from local galleries, and from festivals, while spotlighting some of the unique people she met along the way. It was a captivating look, not just at another part of the world, but at the inspiring perspective of a Shutterstock artist.

Want to see more awesome images from our collection and around the world? Follow us on Instagram at @Shutterstock and check out Maaike’s account at @LittleSmileMakers!

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