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A new decade is right around the corner. Once we get past the holiday season, it’s going to be 2020. And 2020 is the year to create great work. What do we mean by great work? We mean creating inspirational photographs that inspire your clientele in every corner of the globe. As creatives, when you contribute to Shutterstock you have the opportunity to attract international customers to your work. From Japan to Sri Lanka, Germany to New Zealand—people around the world find your work here.

Creating Inspirational Photographs in 2020 — Using the Trending Aqua Menthe Color
Image by Thampitakkull Jakkree | Aqua Menthe Color Trends 2020

Staying inspired during the holidays as photographers, videographers, and illustrators can be exceptionally difficult. There’s nothing better than putting the camera down, enjoying a glass of eggnog, and hanging with family.

That said, the holidays are also the perfect time to get inspired to create great work in the year to come. Now is the time to think of your dream photography projects to work on in 2020.

In the following article, we’re sharing a few resources and tips that you can use to get inspired to create great photographs in 2020.

Tips on Conceptualizing Creative Projects for 2020

Tip #1: Stay up to date on the latest trends

It’s a new decade, so it’s time to make your mark on the world. It’s time to get educated on what’s trending, what’s coming up in the art world, and where your creative skills fit. Browse creative blogs such as WePresent or Booooooom to see what’s trending across the globe. Pick up a new book by one of your favorite inspirational artists. Or, get inspired by art and figure out how your visual style can elevate in 2020.

Creating Inspirational Photographs in 2020 — Stay Up to Date on Trends
Image by Evgeniya Porechenskaya

Tip #2: Storyboard your 2019 (and your 2020)

Create a storyboard on your 2019 highlights. What creative shoots did you love? What didn’t work as well as you expected? Review your work from 2019, and learn from it. A lot of times, we’re so focused on thinking ahead that we forget to think about what we’ve created in the past.

Creating Inspirational Photographs in 2020 — Storyboard Your Year
Image by Y.Gq_photo

Once you’ve done that, conceptualize your 2020. What’s a dream project you’ve always wanted to shoot? What great idea have you always pushed aside that you want to finally complete? 2020 is your year to let your creativity flow.

Tip #3: Get inspired by Shutterstock’s 2020 Color Trends

How often do you think of the colors you use in your photographs when conceptualizing unique shoot ideas? Probably not as often as you think!

Every year, Shutterstock releases Color Trends that forecast popular colors in the year to come. This year’s main trends? Lush Lava, Aqua Menthe, and Phantom Blue. Use these color trends for shoot inspiration for props, backdrops, wardrobe, and more to be on top of your creativity in 2020.

Creating Inspirational Photographs in 2020— Use Trending Color Phantom Blue
Image by Dudarev Mikhail | Phantom Blue Color Trends 2020

Tip #4: Into photography? Try shooting video

Video is more popular than ever before. According to a HubSpot study, 85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands.

What does that mean for creatives? That customers on Shutterstock are looking for more video than ever before. The great news? As photographers, most of the tools you use can also be used for stock video. Click here to learn more about contributing video to stock, and why this should be part of your 2020 strategy to earn money with your creativity.

Creating Inspirational Photographs in 2020 — Think Outside the Box
Image by beeboys

Tip #5: Think outside the box

Customers are flooded with options to buy images and video from nowadays, so now is more important than ever to create individual and unique content.

Do you have access to diverse models? Are you in a unique geographical location? Do you have an epic location to shoot in? Use these unique traits to help your work stand out. Creativity is selling on stock. Gone is the traditional, boring stock of a happy person smiling at an epic sunset. 2020 is the time to get creative. Check out the Shot List for some inspiration to get you started.

We hope these images help inspire you to create great work in 2020. We can’t wait to see what you upload to Shutterstock. Not a contributor yet? Click here to get started.

Featured Image by Angelo Giampiccolo.

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