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Infographic: Explore Shutterstock’s 2016 Creative Trends

Making predictions can be a risky business. “Guitar bands are on their way out,” insisted one record company executive in the early 1960s. The Beatles coped pretty well with this rejection.

Luckily Shutterstock uses data to make our predictions. With information gathered from millions of searches and downloads, our annual Creative Trends infographic shows what’s on the rise around the world. From global trends to local developments, it’s an in-depth look at how the creative world will look in 2016.

Expect to see a mix of opposites this year: the latest technology and the natural world, clean lines and intricate patterns, the old and the new. We’ve also gathered the top trends in countries around the world, as well as what’s happening in video, music, and social media.

See the full report below or view the interactive version at If you like what you see, take a look at our curated collections for each of the trends.


Explore the curated collections inspired by the 2016 Creative Trends:

See all the images used in Shutterstock’s 2016 Creative Trends infographic:

creative trends curated collections

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