Color is one of the most essential parts of any photograph, video, or illustration. Color can direct a viewer’s eye to the exact point we want them to see, it can highlight a specific area, or it can instantly evoke a tone or mood. It also changes from country to country, with one color meaning an assortment of different things depending on what part of the world it’s viewed in.

Over the years, the Shutterstock team has built tools like Spectrum and Palette to let people explore our collection of 60 million images in new, more colorful ways. In our newest infographic, we looked at which colors were most searched for and downloaded, to discover what the most popular colors are around the world.

These colors represent the four fastest growing colors in 2015:


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These four fastest growing colors highlight yet another trend, as all four are on the cool side of the color spectrum. Cool colors, like blues, purples, and greens, tend to have a muted, calming effect, while warm colors are brighter and more vivid. The cool color spectrum is also seen prominently as we explore top colors around the world.


As you explore the full, interactive infographic, you’ll also be able to discover the color spectrum through video. Watch how different color palettes blend and flow into one another, creating a seamless color spectrum.


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2015 Color Trends Infographic