To Our Valued Contributors, We’re very pleased that Shutterstock contributors are now receiving royalties of up to $90 or more for some individual licenses. There have been some questions regarding these royalties.

First, if you have not read it already, we recommend you consult the FAQ we shared with you earlier this year. Even though Shutterstock is known for its subscription service (please refer here for our standard payout schedule), we offer custom license packages to high-volume buyers such as publishers, ad agencies, and other large companies.

Here is an explanation of two of those extended license options, one with and one without a sensitive use option.

· A license without a sensitive use option. For individual images downloaded under these licenses, the contributor will typically receive a royalty of $2 to $15 or more, based on the cost of the license and the contributor’s earnings tier (20 to 30%).

· A license with a sensitive use option. These licenses typically result in a royalty of up to $75 to $90 or more, also based on the cost of the license and contributor’s earnings tier. You must be opted into sensitive uses (an option found on your contributor account page) for your images to be available for this type of license. Receiving one of these royalties does not indicate that your image was or will be used in a sensitive manner. In fact, we expect that the vast majority of these licenses will not result in a sensitive use.

Both of these licenses can increase your earnings potential at a higher-than-typical royalty amount. We are very excited to bring more of these sales opportunities to you.

If you have any further questions, please contact

Best Regards, The Shutterstock Team