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Hand drawn graphic design trends are popping up throughout the design community in illustrations, icons, doodled websites and much more. If you follow the design industry closely, you would have noticed these are gaining much popularity amongst brands and the space of content marketing. And the best part? When design and doodles meet, the results may take your creative thinking to another dimension or might hide in plain sight. Hand drawn graphic designs have gained much popularity in the recent months because of the rising demand of authentic images.The global ask for authenticity has started to influence the illustration space too. Recently brands have started to embrace this wholeheartedly as they look to differentiate themselves from the pack.

Paperboat, an Indian beverage company, has successfully managed to capture the right audience by both their messaging and their design. In a digital space where most products use real images in their design, Paperboat takes the road untraveled by marrying design with doodles.

But the impact of authenticity doesn’t end at brands and social media. Hand drawn graphics have started to come back to the top of the chart in website design. Here’s a website that is hand drawn and an apt example of how hand drawn designs can be incorporated in websites. You can also check out another website that may interest you and is partially designed using hand graphics.

Brand Design, done right. Website design, done better. But wait for it. Hand drawn graphics are also showing increase in terms of icons. A lot of emoticons you may find on Google are hand drawn. Yes, including the burger emoji.

Below are some more hand drawn design icons you’ll find on Shutterstock and can use in your next design project:

Image by Janos Levente

Image by Havroshechka

Explore more hand drawn collections, available on Shutterstock.

A large number of freelancers and designers, by passion, have also adopted hand drawn graphics and illustrations to gain popularity and have a significant say in the design community. Here’s some work from a famous Indian illustrator, Shaivalini Kumar:

It’s rightfully said, hand drawn graphics and icons are coming back in the design trend and looking at the pace of their growth, it looks like they are here to stay.

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