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Imagining ‘Shutterstock Air’ for Pixels of Fury Cannes Lions 2015

Our next edition of Pixels of Fury, a live design competition held around the world, will challenge designers to create and design an airplane wrap for a fictional airline. With that in mind, we asked our own in-house creative team to put a Shutterstock spin on aviation. Take a look at their creation, “Shutterstock Air,” below!

Pixels of Fury will head to the Cannes Lions Festival in France for the first time on June 25. If you’ll be in Cannes with a pass to the festival, RSVP for the event and you’ll be in for night of intense competition, creative networking, drinks, and more.

Scroll through the fictional mock-ups to see how we went about creating “Shutterstock Air,” then take a look at all of the images used to design our fictional airline »


How exactly does one begin a fictional airline? With the right inspiration. We researched vintage airline advertisements in order to set a very specific feel. Vintage logos, posters — even uniforms for flight attendants — all provided great jumping-off points.


From there, consider the minute details. We had it a little bit easier, since we already knew that our brand colors would work for an airline wrap. It’s also important to consider how a logo, symbol, or icon will fit into the fictional brand design. The Shutterstock viewfinder icon (visible on the flight attendant’s cufflinks above) didn’t look quite right on the plane’s tail, so we used only part of it, allowing the red to really pop and represent the brand.


Airplanes provide transportation not just from physical location to location, but from culture to culture. With that in mind, we wanted to work with neutral design elements and color palettes that could transcend any one location.


Explore and download any of the images used in this design in our “Shutterstock Air” lightbox »


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