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Shutterstock and IBM Watson Content Hub join forces to transform content creation with in-platform access to premium images, video clips, and music tracks.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we are partnering with IBM Watson Content Hub to make it easier for marketers to build engaging media campaigns.

Now, marketers can pinpoint the perfect image from Shutterstock’s collection of more than 200 million assets directly within the IBM Watson Content Hub platform. By eliminating a major friction point in the creative process, Shutterstock and IBM are making it faster than ever to produce high-performing content.

In addition to immediate access to our library, here are the top features marketers can expect from this partnership:

  • Access to the Shutterstock Editor to edit assets to match their branding
  • Over 1 million pieces of fresh content added weekly to IBM’s repertoire
  • AI services to tag and organize assets as well as provide customized search recommendations

So how does it work for end users of IBM Watson Content Hub? Let’s take a look.

IBM's Watson Content Hub Integrates Shutterstock Content - gif

Step 1: Launch Watson Content Hub and log in.

Step 2: From the home page, click on the “Compose content” drop-down, and select “Hero Image.”

Step 3: Click “Find” to bring up the search palette where Shutterstock’s licensable content will appear.

Step 4: Enter a search phrase or keywords and any appropriate filters. Then, choose the images with the Shutterstock logo from the results.

Step 5: Preview the image, make sure it’s the right fit, then license it right away.

IBM's Watson Content Hub Integrates Shutterstock Content — Edit Image

Licensing automatically deducts the appropriate amount from a user’s Shutterstock subscription plan. The tool can also size the images according to user preference settings, and allow them to click an in-line edit button to fire up Shutterstock Editor and make changes.

IBM's Watson Content Hub Integrates Shutterstock Content — License Image

Step 6: After saving the edited image, it will appear in the IBM Watson Content Hub and its connected apps.

And that’s it! With this integration, Shutterstock and IBM are making the content creation process fast, intuitive, and scalable.