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Shutterstock API Delivers 60,000 Images for HubSpot Users

HubSpot provides marketers access to a curated collection of Shutterstock images within their marketing platform

As a leading growth platform, HubSpot practices and preaches the power of content to attract, convert, and delight customers. To help marketers create high performing content quickly, HubSpot has partnered with Shutterstock to give marketers direct access to high-quality images within the HubSpot marketing platform.

The Shutterstock API integration reflects HubSpot’s commitment to supporting user success which is an integral part of the inbound methodology. The API allows marketers to access a curated Shutterstock collection without leaving the HubSpot platform. This reduces friction in the creation process by eliminating the extra steps needed to search, license, and upload assets.

“Our users love the integration because it makes their work easier as marketers. Being an API first company is an important part of how we delight our users and support their success,” said Kevin Raheja, Director of Strategic Partnerships at HubSpot.

Furthermore, HubSpot users can use all Shutterstock images for marketing content across a variety of distribution channels without worrying about legal restrictions on usage.

“At HubSpot, we’re all about giving our customers the tools they need to really engage with and delight their audiences in a more inbound way,” said Brian Halligan, CEO and Co-Founder of HubSpot. “High-quality visual content is such a key piece of that puzzle, and we’re excited to be working with Shutterstock to bring those valuable resources to our customers.”

See a demo of the Shutterstock API by contacting our Partner Development Team.

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