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How you can improve visual brand recall with custom content

Regardless of your industry or organization, there are fundamental marketing goals that are applicable everywhere. The most ubiquitous of those goals are generating awareness and interest in your brand to improve brand recall.

When people recognize your brand as the provider of a piece of content, you’ve achieved your underlying marketing objective. They’re associating your brand with visual cues, thoughts, emotions, and other impressions that register in their minds.

To get to that point, your job as a marketer is to essentially train your audience on what to think about your brand. You want to establish a style and a tone through your visuals to plant a narrative within the minds of your viewing audience. Teach them what to think about your brand so they automatically associate you with the appropriate feelings that align with your positioning.

Custom visual content is the best way to establish this narrative.

If you create content that uniquely represents your visual brand identity, your positioning stands out in your audience’s minds. When people can easily identify your brand from all other competitors, you’ve achieved your fundamental marketing goal.

The human brain instantly processes visual content

There have been a number of scientific studies analyzing how the human brain conceptualizes and processes visual content. The means of how these studies were conducted varies, but the common denominator is that the brain processes visuals in milliseconds.

Here are some key statistics about how our brains analyze visual content.

The key takeaway from all of this data is that the human brain is processing visual content on a continuous basis. People determine whether visual content captures their attention and intrigue in less time than it takes for you to finish reading this sentence.

Some data points are shared in the form of a compelling infographic describing how humans interact with visual content. One of the most interesting elements of the infographic is the concept of Visual IQ.

Visual IQ on the rise.png

Their research shows that the internet and advancements in technology have an underlying influence over how human minds engage with content.

Consumers feel more thought is placed into custom content

Interesting and intriguing content helps people remember the brand that created the assets. That’s the takeaway from a study conducted by Time Inc.

The media company surveyed 17,000 people across three generations to compare their thoughts on custom content versus traditional advertising. The highlights of the study should influence your approach to content creation, and help you achieve your fundamental goal of improving brand recall.

  1. 93% of people like brands sharing interesting things they may not have otherwise seen
  2. 92% believe brands have expertise on topics and add value to content
  3. 57% feel the brand put more thought into being creative and interesting
  4. 56% like that brands are not just trying to sell, but are sharing something cool or teaching them
  5. 56% appreciate brands that partner with sources they trust

There’s another common thread weaved throughout each of the responses. When you create custom visual content, you present the real personality of your brand. Your audience appreciates when your content is genuine and authentic, but also educational and informative.

There are two additional insights from the study that should influence your approach to improving brand authority and recall.

  • 90% of respondents prefer brands that use custom content to engage with them
  • 89% believe custom content is a great way for brands to break through the clutter

The audience has spoken, and they say custom content is the best way for your brand to stand out in their minds. If the visuals are unique to your identity, bold enough to capture attention, and colorful enough to intrigue further engagement; you should have no problem boosting people’s abilities to recall your brand.

Develop a process to create custom content at scale

The final piece of your creative puzzle is a solution that allows you to produce custom content at scale. If you can increase production, you can increase promotions. As you run more promotions, you’ll position your brand in front of more viewers.

When you earn more people’s attention, you increase the potential for brand recall.

To ramp up production, you can leverage the benefits of technology. Use centralized content creation platforms to calibrate your visual identity, and connect with creative talent who can help you execute.

SSTK Custom content creation platform.png

The benefit of this process is that you ensure a consistent style and tone throughout all of your content. You can also prepare multiple campaigns in diverse geographic markets by producing custom localized visual content at an agile pace.

This way you can run highly targeted promotional campaigns for many different audiences. You can customize who you target and what you share with them so that you capture their attention with content designed to appeal to their interests.

If they’re interested in your content, they’ll engage with your brand. And if they engage with your brand, you can safely bet they’ll remember your name.

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