From the depths of winter, the colors of spring have arrived! To celebrate the season, we went into our crafting room and started working on something bright. Here you’ll see the results: bouquets of paper flowers made from cutouts and collages of patterns we found on Shutterstock. See our flower arrangements below, then keep reading to learn how to make your own.

flower cut outs

cut out flower art

paper flower scene

paper flower cutouts

paper flower table setting

How to Make Your Own Paper Flowers

Supplies (pictured below)

  • Three large paper petal cutouts
  • One (or more) smaller petal cutout
  • One longer strip of paper (approximately 3″x2″)
  • Glue
  • Scissors

diy paper flower tutorial

Step One

Starting from the center of the flower, using the inner blade of your scissors, curl each petal away from you.

how to make paper flower cut outs

Step Two

Fold each petal inward, toward the center of the cutout.

making paper flowers

Step Three

Glue the cutouts together, rotating each one around the center of the flower to create a layered look.

paper flower

Step Four

Fold the long strip of paper in half and carefully cut small slits along the folded edge.

cutting paper flower

Step Five

Curl the slits using the inner blade of your scissors.

curling paper

Step Six

Glue the edges of the strip together to create a circle, and glue it to the center of the flower.

gluing paper flowers

Voila! Now you too can create bouquets of flowers to welcome spring.

paper flower boquet

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Check out the images used to create these flowers in the lightbox below »

Flowers: Rachael Polack

Photos: Pierre-Yves Linot