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How to Create Great Facebook Ads with Shutterstock Images

Last summer, we announced one of our biggest collaborations yet — an exclusive, native API integration in Facebook Ads Manager. This integration gives businesses millions of Shutterstock images at their fingertips when creating Facebook ad campaigns.

After a limited rollout, the new feature is now available to all Facebook users. Using high-quality, professional images in your ads is a great way to attract new customers and increase business.

Here are some tips on making the most out of Shutterstock images in your Facebook ad campaigns.

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Define the objective of your Facebook ad

how to create a facebook ad

First, open the Facebook Ad Manager and select the type of result you’d like to generate. Then define your audience. Currently, Facebook allows you to target by location, age, gender, language, and interests. You can also exclude certain segments from your target audience.

Once you set your budget, it’s time to create your Facebook ad with stunning images delivered within your workflow via the API integration.

Designing your Facebook ad

Click choose “Find Images” to search for the perfect Shutterstock image for your Facebook ad.

Facebook ad create tool

You’ll be able to browse through over 270 million high-quality, authentic images from Shutterstock image library. When searching, hover over any image to see it at a larger size.

Browse the Shutterstock collection of images

When you’ve found the perfect image for your post, select it and click “Done.” You have the option to add additional images to test, up to a total of 6 images, if you want to A/B test your Facebook ad using different creative assets.

Choose the right image for your ad

You’ll also be able to see a preview of what the final ad will look like, complete with the Shutterstock image.

Put the finishing touches on your Facebook ad

Here are some tips to consider when creating your ad content:

  • Choose an image with a point of interest at the center. That way, the focus will remain on the subjects of the image even if the image is resized for display in the final ad.
  • Select an image that works well at big and small sizes. Facebook lets you preview your ads, so you’ll see how the image appears in different ad formats.
  • Make sure the image not only represents your brand, but also appeals to the audience you’re targeting.
  • In addition to searching for a specific object or subject, try searching for more abstract concepts that align with your brand, like “adventure”, “modern”, or “minimalist”.
  • Colorful images and images with dark backgrounds tend to stand out best on Facebook pages.

Cover image by Masson

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