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Creating a social media community that’s engaged in your business is a good way to have repeat customers who are always in the know about new products and promotional events. If you’re lucky, they will pass this information onto their friends, increasing your customer base even more. Knowing where to focus your advertising is important so that you reach the right people with the right message. Here are three important aspects of building and maintaining a social media community.

Know where users are

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There are 2.8 billion people on social media as of January 2017, but they don’t all use the same platforms or websites. Most people use more than one platform, but of those surveyed, 28 percent use only one site. Among these platforms there are different use times for different user segments. Look at who uses these popular websites and when.

  • Most Facebook users spend 20 minutes or more on the site every day, but Generation X spends seven hours a week.
  • YouTube achieves nearly 2 million video views per minute, with many of these shared across platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Twitter users spend just under 3 minutes on the site every day, but 53 percent never tweet anything.
  • Pinterest pins have the longest half-life of any social post, meaning they stick around in users’ feeds for longer. Users are also the most spread out, ranging from age 18 to 64.

Value your customer’s time

Once you have a firm base of social media followers who view your updates and click through to your website, you need to consider load times for your content. Nearly half of web users expect a webpage to load in under 2 seconds, and 79 percent will not visit a site again if it is too slow. Speeding up load time has been shown to increase new visits, revisits and, in some cases, boost search engine listings. There are some things you can do to fix a slow website, such as improving your hosting plan, using internet-friendly images, and optimizing CSS files.

Make visuals center stage

There is a reason that video content and infographics have been rising in popularity: 86 percent of buyers in 2014 expressed a desire for more interactive and visual elements on demand. The most common troubles marketers face when putting together these visuals include reaching a wider audience and producing well designed visuals.

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