How to Navigate the Submitter Homepage

After you sign into your Shutterstock submit account, you are directed to your main page, where you can view your stats, the number of images in your gallery, your latest downloads, and other useful information. At the bottom of the submit screen is a list of menu items, as shown below.

The first part of this three-part series will closely examine the list of links at the bottom of the main submit page after you’ve signed in. First up: Make Money.

Submit Photos

The first link is both self-explanatory and intuitive. To submit photos, vectors, or illustrations, you have three options: via FTP, via Browser Plugin, and via HTTP. Each option has its own set of instructions, and you can decide based on your own preference and comfort level.

As you upload, be sure to also read the Submitter Guidelines for specific information on specs, categories, keywords, trademark issues, and more.

Once you’ve uploaded, you can assign titles, keywords, and categories on the Submitted Photos page. When submitting editorial content, the title/description area is where you need to input your actual caption.

Submit Footage

This link brings you to our Footage overview page. You can upload your footage to our FTP server at using any FTP program, such as Filezilla ( Once a clip is uploaded, you can start to assign titles, keywords, and categories on the Submitted Footage page. When submitting editorial content, the title/description area is where you need to input your actual caption.

Referral Program

The Referral program is a great way to earn additional income through Shutterstock, aside from selling your images and video.

You can refer new Shutterstock subscribers, as well as other new Shutterstock image and footage submitters. You can earn up to $50 per referred subscription purchase.

For more information on referrals, please refer to this newsletter article.

Create Your Mini-Gallery

This is an extension of the Referral Program that allows you to display a mini-gallery on your own website or blog that links to your Shutterstock images. If a purchase is made as a result, you’ll receive 20% (up to $50) of the subscription price (in addition to your download commission).

Tell a Friend

This is another extension of the Referral Program that sends an automated email to anyone you want to invite to sign up as a Shutterstock submitter. If someone signs up, you will earn a $.03 commission every time one of their images gets downloaded. Though small, this can add up quickly, and many submitters have reported high success rates using this method.

Please note: Shutterstock does not spam nor sell any information you provide here. By the same token, you may not use this method to spam others.

On The Red Carpet Program

This link takes you to the online application for our On The Red Carpet program. You’ll notice your name and Shutterstock Submitter I.D. number is already filled in. The rest of the information is up to you to provide.

The On The Red Carpet program specializes in obtaining media clearance for Shutterstock photographers to access celebrity-themed or newsworthy events, including film premieres, sporting events, political rallies, concerts, and more.

It’s a great opportunity for Shutterstock submitters to gain access to such events, and a way for us to build our photo library.

As an example, here is a recent On The Red Carpet newsletter article: Photographing Former President Bill Clinton, By Trevor Goodwin, Shutterstock Submitter

All of these options present great opportunities to earn additional income. If you have any questions or concerns with any of these methods, contact us anytime at