How to Navigate the Submitter Homepage, Part 2

After you sign into your Shutterstock submit account, you are directed to your main page, where you can do the following: view your stats, view the number of images in your gallery, check out your latest downloads, and look up other useful information. At the bottom of the submit screen is a list of menu items, as shown below.

Part 1 covered the Make Money section. This month, we’ll cover Check Your Numbers.

Download Stats

For many, this is the most visited page, as it allows you to follow in real time your earnings broken down by day, and includes every avenue of how you can earn money with Shutterstock:

• 25-A-Day Downloads

• On Demand Downloads

• Enhanced Downloads

• Referred Downloads

• Backup CDs

• Referred Subscriptions

• Footage cart sales

• Footage Subscriptions

• Referred Footage

Please note, you can also view past months’ earnings or view downloads by subscription type.

Status of Submitted Photos

Here you can check in on your batches pending approval, as well as your approved and rejected images.

“Edit Photo ID” is an easy search tool you can use to look up a specific image number if you would like to make some basic edits to an image. Once you’ve located the image, you can edit the following image details at any time:

1) Description area (also known as the Title / Caption area)

2) Keywords

3) Categories

4) Where the Shutterstock watermark appears on the image

Status of Submitted Footage

As with Status of Submitted Photos, here you can check in on your footage batches pending approval, as well as your approved and rejected clips.

Payment History

Here is where you can easily keep track of past earnings. The section was recently revamped to follow earnings that may have included withholdings by the IRS for non-US submitters (on US-sourced downloads). To see the breakdown of the earnings you view on this page, see the Download Stats page (above).

Referred Photographers

If you have referred other Shutterstock image submitters, you can view the list of them here, along with links to their Shutterstock galleries.

Delayed Earnings

Here you can track earnings from referrals that may not be showing up in your referral earnings. This is merely to protect both the submitter and Shutterstock from fraud. We therefore maintain a three month probationary period on earnings accrued from these activities.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns with any of this information, contact us anytime at