Add some pumpkin spice to your copy and holiday cheer to your images with these five tips for marketing your business during the holidays.

The holidays are a great time for your business to connect with consumers in a special way – and during a time when they’re more likely to part with their hard-earned dollars. But holiday marketing campaigns take lots of planning and analysis to get right. Read on for five tips to help you take advantage of the holiday season in your next campaign.

1. Plan your holiday campaign well in advance

5 Tips on Preparing Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns – Campaign Planning

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If you’re waiting until the weeks leading up to the holiday, you’re already behind your competition. Holiday campaigns require that you start planning your copy and designs months before. If you’re focusing on Christmas and Hanukkah, your campaign should already be up and running by early November.

The earlier you can start your campaigns, the sooner you can start testing responses. This will allow you to optimize your copy and images for the most successful ads by the time the actual holidays roll around.

2. Focus on small and mainstream holidays

5 Tips on Preparing Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns – Campaign Focus

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The holiday season includes much more than Hanukkah and Christmas. While those two holidays get most of the attention, you should also focus attention on Thanksgiving (US), Kwanzaa, and New Years, plus all of the built-in consumer holidays and events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Super Saturday, and Free Shipping Day.

While Black Friday has traditionally been credited as the biggest spending day, Super Saturday — the last Saturday before Christmas — has seen a spike in sales. Historically, sales made between December 21st and 24th account for 13.6% of all holiday sales. On Super Saturday, some businesses have recorded massive revenues — making as much as 60% of their sales on this one day.

Online shopping is prevalent on days like Cyber Monday and Free Shipping Day. Companies like Amazon have made huge strides in online holiday shopping. Last year was Amazon’s biggest holiday to date. According to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, roughly half of U.S. households have subscribed to Amazon Prime.

“Within five years, one-fifth of the U.S.’s $3.6 trillion retail market will have shifted online, and Amazon is on track to capture two-thirds of that share…” – Forbes

3. Align email and social media marketing

In a study conducted by Salesforce, it was determined that marketing campaigns with synchronized email and Facebook advertising saw that their email campaign extended its reach by 77%. Not only that, but those who saw both the email and social media ads were 8% more likely to click and 22% more likely to purchase.

4. Prepare for media costs to increase

5 Tips on Preparing Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns – Media Costs

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When budgeting your holiday campaign, know that your media costs will skyrocket (averaging up to 70%) as you approach the major holidays. Prices start to rise after Thanksgiving, so you’ll need to increase your bids on ad space. Also be sure to have some ad scheduling in place to track the times when your customers are most active in search

5. Experiment with multiple images and copy

As mentioned before, the earlier you start your campaign, the sooner you can experiment with customer engagement. If you find that users are not clicking as much as you projected, start tweaking your copy and images to find the best combination

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