In honor of Pi Day (3/14) we took a dive into our library to suss out some Pie Knowledge, and ended up with the above appetizing infographic revealing the flavor breakdown of the 85,748 “pie” search results from our library. Yes, we know that “Pi” equals 3.14159… and not “Pie,” but we couldn’t resist the delicious comparison. Any way you slice it, this is some tasty data, and our mouths water for data here at Shutterstock.

Read on for some more flavorful (or at least interesting) numbers that didn’t quite make the chart:

Pizza (without the word “pie”) = 35,845
Chicken Pie = 1,468
Pot Pie = 1,018
Chicken Pot Pie = 183
Cream Pie = 24,846
Cheesecake Pie (?!) = 4,734
Mince Pie = 1049
Humble Pie = 13

What’s your favorite pie? Any we should’ve included? Let us know in the comments!

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