Shutterstock started as a hack in 2003, when founder and CEO Jon Oringer spent several frenzied days piecing together a website to sell his own photos. And that early passion continues to inspire us, which is why we host a company-wide hackathon every year.

The idea behind hackathons is simple: give people 24 hours (or, often, a full weekend) to imagine, design, and implement an idea they think can provide value to the company. Each year, we award prizes to the best ideas in several categories: Biggest Customer Impact, Most Humorous, Game Changer, etc. But the real prize is the passion and excitement that the hackathons themselves evoke.

A great way to learn more about hackathons is to attend one yourself. Here’s a list of open hackathons aimed at creative professionals that we’re excited about in 2014.

Art Hack Day
January 27-29, 2014

This hackathon brings together artists and developers in Germany to explore the intersection of technology and art.

Music Hack LA & Music Hackathon NYC
Monthly in 2014
Los Angeles and New York

Music Hack LA and Music Hackathon NYC both bring together musicians and hackers to create software and hardware projects that push the boundaries of music making.

MIDEM Music Hackday
February 1-3, 2014

At this music hackathon, 30 pre-selected developers are given a weekend to deliver innovative projects using open data and music APIs.

DeveloperWeek Hackathon
February 15-16, San Francisco

More than 2,000 developers converge in SF for DeveloperWeek, so there’s some serious brainpower at their kickoff hackathon, which gives teams 30 hours to dreams up and prototype new apps.

Photo Hack Day Japan
February 21-23, 2014

This hackathon, now in its fifth year, pulls together photo-related APIs across the web to find out what new and inspiring ideas its hackers can come up with.

LAUNCH Hackathon
February 21-23, San Francisco

The competition is stiff at this event, and only developers and designers are eligible to apply, but with a Grand Prize worth up to $2 million, there are clearly some serious stakes.

Digital Sizzle
Quarterly in 2014

This networking event brings together the tech-startup and creative communities in London. The event includes a hackathon, where developers pair with creative professionals to create new projects.

Open Data Day
February 22, 2014

Open Data Day promotes the use of publicly available data sets across the globe. The hackathon encourages developers to use open data to write new applications, create visualizations, and publish analyses.

What events are you excited to attend in 2014? Any other hackathons you think we should know about? Let us know in the comments.