If you’re excited about the upcoming Godzilla movie, thank the designers at Ignition Creative, who used Shutterstock images to tell one of the all-time great monster stories.

The Godzilla movie posters are a good example of how Shutterstock images are often used: as small but essential details in rich, multi-layered creative constructions. Tiny soldiers and helicopters add scale and a feeling of vulnerability; flames, smoke, and textures add drama; and images of familiar buildings show us how destructive this monster will be. Can you taste the popcorn yet?

Here are a few of the official Godzilla posters for the upcoming Warner Bros. release, along with examples of how Shutterstock images were used as elements each composition.

The designers shared a list of images that were part of the Godzilla creative process, which we’ve assembled into a lightbox here. If you’re feeling creative, try using some of these images as a starting point to tell your own adventure story.