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As summer approaches in much of the world, our gaze begins to drift from the work at hand to the adventures outdoors. Finding it hard to be productive when your email inbox is loaded with “Out of Office” replies? Is your mind wandering to thoughts of beach vacations, long canoe trips, and exotic excursions? To satisfy your inner wanderlust, we’ve rounded up a taste of summer from a few of our Offset artists. Get the sense of freedom that travel brings, all without having to leave your desk.

<a href=" OffsetStories&cr=2015OutOfOfficeSet&utm_source=shutterstockblog&utm_medium=brandedco ntent&utm_content=01_Offset_OutOfOffice_PaulEdmondson&utm_campaign=OffsetStories2015OutOfOfficeWrapUp" target="_blank">Man standing outside camping tent, looking towards ocean at dusk, Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington, USA by Paul Edmondson</a>

Take a trip through this curated set of images, then visit the entire “Out of Office” collection and get inspired to put in your next request for some vacation time.

<a href=" OffsetStories&cr=2015OutOfOfficeSet&utm_source=shutterstockblog&utm_medium=brandedco ntent&utm_content=02_Offset_OutOfOffice_DanitaDelimont&utm_campaign=OffsetStories2015OutOfOfficeWrapUp" target="_blank">Woman snorkelling in the Solomon Islands by Danita Delimont</a>
<a href=" OffsetStories&cr=2015OutOfOfficeSet&utm_source=shutterstockblog&utm_medium=brandedco ntent&utm_content=03_Offset_OutOfOffice_WhitneyJustesen&utm_campaign=OffsetStories2015OutOfOfficeWrapUp" target="_blank">Woman walking alone in a rocky mountain prairie by Whitney Justesen</a>
<a href=" OffsetStories&cr=2015OutOfOfficeSet&utm_source=shutterstockblog&utm_medium=brandedco ntent&utm_content=04_Offset_OutOfOffice_CarolineDorn&utm_campaign=OffsetStories2015OutOfOfficeWrapUp" target="_blank">High angle view of a swimming pool by Caroline Dorn</a>
<a href=" ntent&utm_content=05_Offset_OutOfOffice_SuzanneGipson&utm_campaign=OffsetStories2015OutOfOfficeWrapUp" target="_blank">Young girl with her doll on an airplane by Suzanne Gipson</a>
<a href=" OffsetStories&cr=2015OutOfOfficeSet&utm_source=shutterstockblog&utm_medium=brandedco ntent&utm_content=06_Offset_OutOfOffice_YadidLevy&utm_campaign=OffsetStories2015OutOfOfficeWrapUp" target="_blank">Phnom Penh, Cambodia – December 12, 2013: Tuk Tuk on dusty road, Phnom Penh, Cambodia by Yadid Levy</a>
<a href=" OffsetStories&cr=2015OutOfOfficeSet&utm_source=shutterstockblog&utm_medium=brandedco ntent&utm_content=07_Offset_OutOfOffice_AlbertoBernasconi&utm_campaign=OffsetStories2015OutOfOfficeWrapUp" target="_blank">London, England – April 9, 2015: Traveler making a souvenir scrapbook while at a cafe by Alberto Bernasconi</a>
<a href=" ntent&utm_content=08_Offset_OutOfOffice_FoxEatingSkyr&utm_campaign=OffsetStories2015OutOfOfficeWrapUp" target="_blank">Friends sitting around a campfire next to a river by Fox Eating Skyr</a>
<a href=" ntent&utm_content=09_Offset_OutOfOffice_FormatSelects&utm_campaign=OffsetStories2015OutOfOfficeWrapUp" target="_blank">Woman jumping off the dock into the lake with her arms in the air by Format Selects</a>
<a href=" ntent&utm_content=10_Offset_OutOfOffice_JohnLee&utm_campaign=OffsetStories2015OutOfOfficeWrapUp" target="_blank">February 15, 2015: Tourist on Phra Nang beach, Thailand by John Lee</a>

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Top image: Young woman drinking water on wooden patio by Martin Benik/Westend61.

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