As a Shutterstock contributor, you’ll want to know what will be popular with our buyers, but there’s a lot more to learn too — from our technical standards to our compliance policies. You may have questions about how payments and taxes work, how to analyze your sales, or simply how you can become a contributor in the first place.

To help answer any question that arises as you work with us, we’ve launched an exhaustive new Contributor Support Center, featuring more than 120 helpful articles packed with information. These articles cover the entire Shutterstock contributor experience, from troubleshooting solutions to submissions, and from your managing earnings to managing your portfolio.

Support Center Highlights

– Questions about signing up or content requirements? Browse the Getting Started section, featuring our updated, extensive Submission Guidelines.

– Unsure about releases, or trying to understand what a rejection reason means? Our Uploading Section helps you get your content accepted on your first try.

– Lost in the Tax Center? In need of tips and advice to increase your earnings? Or simply wondering what all those sales-analysis tools are? Visit the Managing Your Earnings section to make the most of your content.

– Need help managing your presence on the site? You’ll find everything you need in the Portfolio & Account section.

Bookmark the Contributor Support Center at and stop by any time you have a question!

We hope you enjoy this resource, and we would love to hear what you think, or if you have any recommendations for additional content. Feel free to use the “Was this Article Helpful” buttons at the bottom of each article, or send us an email at with “Contributor Support Center” in the subject line.

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